NBA: 27 losses for Detroit… the worst streak in history in a season!

Lhe NBA leaves its traditional Christmas day behind to face a decisive stretch of the season. Some teams are looking to entrench themselves in playoff spots, while others want to save the furniture. This is the case of the Bulls and Grizzlies, who have completely changed their dynamics. The Pistons, for their part, have made league history (and not for the better). We review the highlights of the night.

The Pistons, the worst team in NBA history in one season. When it seemed like Detroit couldn’t overcome it, it always had a surprise. Monty Williams’ team (highest paid coach in the league) fell at home against Brooklyn (112-118) and recorded their 27th consecutive loss.

The Pistons bench, thoughtful in the loss to Brooklyn

The Pistons bench, thoughtful in the loss to BrooklynDuane BurlesonLAPRESSE

They thus surpass the record of Philadelphia (2013/14) and Cleveland (2010/11), with 26 losses followed in a season, to be crowned as the worst team of all time in a campaign. They are one away from the absolute record (28), which the Sixers signed between 2014/15 and 2015/16. The 41 points and 9 rebounds of Cade Cunningham, who is playing his best basketball in the worst possible scenario, were of little use.

The Bulls are different without LaVine. Something we were announcing a few weeks ago. Chicago enjoys and wins without Zach LaVine. The loss of the shooting guard, a great scorer in the league, has come in handy for a squad that seemed doomed to disaster and ostracism in the East. Victory against Atlanta (118-113), the sixth in the last 10 games and in Chicago things have changed (14-18). 24 points and 25 rebounds for Drummond. Who was going to tell us?

Coby White (Chicago Bulls), with his coach Billy Donovan

Coby White (Chicago Bulls), with his coach Billy DonovanErin HooleyLAPRESSE

Ja Morant changes the face of the Grizzlies. Memphis got an early Christmas gift with the return of its point guard. The change in dynamics has been sensational. A team that occupied the last positions in the West, without identity, without that drive that so characterizes the franchise… Morant has turned the situation around. New victory (115-116 against Pelicans), 4-0 since his return. And, although the season seems lost (10-19), hope is the last thing that is lost in Tennessee.

Let’s see who stops the Thunder. Oklahoma received the best team in the West at home in the big game of the night. Whatever status you have, it doesn’t seem to matter. Victory against Minnesota (129-106) showing an overwhelming offensive version… that scares the NBA. Headed by a sweet Shai (34+6+9), and with the help of secondary players like Dort (20) or Jalen Williams (21). 19-9, third in the West and 7-3 in the last 10 games.

The Clippers don’t slow down. Things are going well for Lue’s team and the results match what was seen on the track. Harden, who for weeks has established himself in the role of generator, is displaying exquisite basketball alongside his teammates. 29 points and 8 assists for the beard in the victory against Charlotte (113-104).

Wemby stands out…but doesn’t win. The Spurs’ Frenchman, one of the great attractions every day, had a good game in the defeat against Utah (118-130). His 15 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists and 5 blocks! They were not enough to contain the Jazz and avoid another defeat (4-25) in their locker. Destined for last place in the West.

Wembanyama against the Utah Jazz

Wembanyama against the Utah JazzDarren AbateLAPRESSE

Pistons 112 – 118 Nets

Wizards 119 – 127 Magic

Bulls 118 – 113 Hawks

Rockets 117 – 123 Pacers

Pelicans 115 – 116 Grizzlies

Thunder 129 – 106 Timberwolves

Spurs 118 – 130 Jazz

Blazers 130 – 113 Kings

Clippers 113 – 104 Hornets


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