NBA: Black history of the NBA: the Pistons reach 26 losses and equal the worst streak ever

Los Pistons They achieved what they have been chasing all season: enter the black history of the NBA. They lost to the Nets 126-115 in what was his the twenty-sixth consecutive defeat. 26 in a row! To the they equal the worst streak ever in a single season, reaching the Cavaliers from the 10-11 season and the Sixers from 13-14.

The worst streaks in NBA history

  • 26 losses in a row: Detroit Pistons 23-24, Cleveland Cavaliers 10-11 y Philadelphia Sixers 13-14
  • 24 losses in a row: Cleveland Cavaliers 1981-82
  • 23 losses in a row: Charlotte Bobcats 2011-12, Denver Nuggets 1997-98 y Vancouver Grizzlies 1995-96
  • 20 losses in a row: Houston Rockets 2020-21, Dallas Mavericks 1993-94 y Philadelphia Sixers 1972-73

This is an infamous record, although some others are within reach. These Pistons are already one of the worst teams in history, but can be considered THE WORST, so with capital letters. They are thrown into it. They are two games away from equaling the worst streak in several seasons. That limit of 28 defeats followed is also in the power of the Sixers, who did it between the 2014-15 and 2015-16 campaigns. Again the Nets and then a visit to Boston are his next dates on the calendar in search of a new ‘deed’.

On the horizon, the worst winning percentage at the end of a year. Currently, with their balance of 2-27, they would have it with a measly 6.9%. From that distant triumph of October 28 which put them 2-1, in Detroit they have seen nothing but lose. “None of us ever went through this. This is probably the hardest thing we all go through.especially being in the pros,” lamented Isaiah Stewart. The Bobcats, with Michael Jordan as owner, by the way, finished a year 7-59, a 10.6% winning percentage. that they would want these Pistons.

Buried by a partial 15-0

This time, Detroit was in the game until the second half. After un parcial de 15-0 les buried in definitive form. “Everyone wants to win. Everyone hates losing. That’s why it’s difficult,” he said. Cade Cunningham. His 20 points nor Jaden Ivey’s 23 were not enough. Miles Bridges, with 29, and Cam Thomas, with 20they served as gravediggers.

Worst teams in NBA history

  • 6,9% (2-27) Detroit Pistons 2023-24
  • 10,6% (7-59) Charlotte Bobcats 2011-12
  • 11,0% (9-73) Philadelphia Sixers 1972-73
  • 12,2% (10-72) Philadelphia Sixers 2015-16
  • 12,5% (6-42) Providence Steamrollers 1947-48
  • 13,4% (11-71) Denver Nuggets 1997-98 y Dallas Mavericks 1992-93
  • 14,6% (12-70) New Jersey Nets 2009-10 y Los Angeles Clippers 1986-87
  • 14,8% (4-23) San Antonio Spurs 2023-24
  • 15,9% (13-69) Atlanta Hawks 2004-05 and Dallas Mavericks 1993-94
  • 16,0% (8-42) Vancouver Grizzlies 1998-99

“We’ve had a lot of tough times this year, but I try not to look at life that way. It just happens,” Monty Williams explained.. Two seasons ago, managing the Suns, he was chosen the Coach of the Year in the NBA. Now it’s in the well, though He has a seven-year contract with the Pistons and is one of the highest-paid coaches in history. It doesn’t seem like she’s earning it.

The Pistons have one of the youngest squads in the NBA, since the average age does not reach 25 yearsThey are fair in terms of quality, and so is leadership. Cunningham is a number 1 in the draft who does not act as such. “We have to be realistic. We can’t keep saying the same things over and over again. There has to be an action plan”he raised his voice this time.

They are the second team that loses the most balls, the one that commits the most fouls, the third team that scores the fewest points and one of the worst defenses. There is no trace of those tough ‘bad boys’. The accumulated balance in the last five courses is 82-249. They once frightened rivals. The current ones are motivated because nobody wants to lose against one of the worst teams ever. This team’s well may have no bottom.


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