NBA: Grizzlies cling to ‘Ja Morant effect’: 4-0 since return

LThe mind plays a fundamental role in sport. The dynamics change depending on the mood of the team. The Grizzlies had the worst possible start seasonal. To Morant’s suspension was added the Steven Adams’s full-year leave and very bad sensations that translated into even worse results.

After 25 games in the shadows, the Memphis star, one of the faces of the league, returned to try to reverse the situation. And boy is he getting it. 4 consecutive victories since his return. From 6-19 to 10-19. The path to reach the top of the West is still arduous, but there are months ahead and the excitement is more present than ever.

With the victory last night against the Pelicans in overtime (115-116), This change of mentality can be confirmed. From a team that, no less than a month ago, was dedicated to wander the track, to one who wants to win. And the big blame lies with an omnipresent Morant, who has returned hungrier than ever.

Energy is contagious

In the first phase of the season, before the point guard’s return, the Grizzlies barely had any green shoots. He offensive development of Jaren Jackson, the participation of the supporting cast, good performances by Aldama… and little else. Now it seems that they have reasons to sound awake.

In a game marked by comings and goings and Memphis’ stratospheric last quarter to send it to overtime (23-36) in New Orleans, Morant was the great protagonist. The point guard finished with 31 points, 7 assists and 12/24 in field goals.

Aldama, for his part, has lost relevance in the last duels. Last night only dispute 9 minutes and ended with 0 points. We will see if the canary improves little by little in this stretch of the season.

On the part of the Pelicans, the best were Zion (23 points, 11 rebounds) and a great Ingram (24), who could not withstand Ja Morant’s gale. Memphis knows that the slope is infinite, but there are more than 50 games left to turn the situation around.


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