NBA: Steve Kerr attacks the NBA’s “free throw parade”: “It’s disgusting to see”

EThe coach of the Golden State Warriors, Steve Kerr, charged this Monday against ““the free throw parade” that the NBA has become, a criticism he made after his team lost against the Denver Nuggets of Nikola Jokic. He went to the line 18 times and made 18 shots.

Murray and Jokic’s 18/18 free throws give the Nuggets the duel between the last championsNBA

“Don’t have problems with the referees as such. In the league we have really good referees,” he said at a press conference.

“I have a problem with the way we are ‘legislating’ defense by leaving it out of this sport. That’s what we’re doing in the NBA. The way we teach referees, we are just allowing players to invent their way to the personnel line. If I were a fan, I wouldn’t want to have seen the second half of the game. “It was disgusting,” he said.

Kerr, in the middle of the game.

Kerr, in the middle of the game.LAPRESSE

If I were a fan, I wouldn’t want to have seen the second half of the game. He was disgusting

Steve Kerr

Kerr insisted that players simply take advantage of the situation presented to them regarding how they can force fouls. “It was just making the referees take the bait (in the Nuggets-Warriors), but the referees have to call those fouls because that’s how they have been taught (…). And the players are really smart in this league. In the last decade or so, they have gotten smarter and smarter (…) and they are taking full advantage. “It’s a parade to the free throw line and it’s disgusting to see,” he said.

After five straight wins, the Warriors fell 120-114 to the Nuggets who, after this special day of the NBA for Christmas, they now have five consecutive victories.


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