NBA: The Pistons and the worst streaks in sports history

The Pistons have already made history. Black, but history. With the defeat against the Nets, the Detroit team reached 27 in a row, which is already the worst streak in the NBA in a single season. His next game is at the home of the Celtics leaders. Everything indicates that the 28th will arrive, which will equal the worst record everwhich is in the power of the Sixers between the 14-15 and 15-16 campaignswhen in Philadelphia they were in full ‘process’.

Here are some of the worst streaks in sports history. The Pistons are already in the books, but they have negative records left to break, some of them seem impossible to overcome.

61 consecutive defeats for the San Marino soccer team

The San Marino soccer team went 10 years without winning a game. I didn’t even tie it either. Total, 61 losses in a row until in November 2014 they achieved a very celebrated 0-0 against Estonia.

29 consecutive losses for the Chicago Cardinals in the NFL

The Chicago Cardinals lost 29 games in a row over four seasons. They fell in the last six in 1942, suffered two consecutive 0-10 in 1943 and 1944 and finally won a game against the Bears, their city rival, in 1945. During their disastrous streak, the franchise even merged with the Pittsburgh Steelers having no players due to World War II.

27 consecutive defeats for Levante in the League

On January 8, 2022, Levante ended the worst streak of defeats ever seen in the Spanish Football League. With a 2-0 against Mallorca he closed a career of 27 losses in a row which began on April 10, 2021. The record surpassed the 24 defeats that Sporting de Gijn suffered between June 1997 and February 1998.

26 consecutive defeats for Unicaja in the ACB

The Unicaja This Wednesday he can beat his record of consecutive victories in the Endesa League. If he beats Barcelona he will reach 12. But the Malagueos have the worst record in the history of the ACB. In the 87-88 season they lost 26 games in a row. With the competition format of that time, they finished the first phase with 1-13 and the second with 0-14. Despite everything, they were not the worst of that course. In the relegation playoff they beat TDK Manresa 2-3. In any case, as the competition expanded to 18 teams the following season, no team dropped.

26 straight losses for the MLB Louisville Colonels

You have to go back to the 19th century to find the worst record in Major League Baseball. The Louisville Colonels lost 26 consecutive games in 1889. Much less recently, last century, the Philadelphia Phillies suffered 23 losses in 1961. No one has come closer to the record.

20 defeats in a row for Sunderland in the Premier League

Throughout two different seasons, Sunderland lost 20 games in a row in the Premier League. In the 02-03 campaign he fell in the last 15 games, which cost him relegation. He was promoted after two years and upon his return to the top English football competition he continued losing: five more defeats to start the 05-06 season.

20 straight losses for the Tulsa Shock and the Indiana Fever in the WNBA

The Tulsa Shock and the Indiana Fever They share the dubious honor of being the teams with the most consecutive losses in the WNBA. The first lost 20 in a row in 2011. They finished that season with a record of 3-31, the worst in history with an 8.8% winning rate. The Indiana Fever equaled the record losing the last 18 games of 2022 and the first two of 2023.

18 straight losses for the Pittsburgh Penguins and Buffalo Sabers in the NHL

Los Pittsburgh Penguinsone of the most successful teams in the history of ice hockey, also have a disastrous page. Between January 13 and February 22 of the 2003-04 season, they lost 18 consecutive games. In the 2020-21 campaign, The Buffalo Sabers matched that disastrous streak not winning between February 25 and March 29. A victory over the Philadelphia Flyers prevented them from breaking the record.


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