Odo: Wilson Odobert: the ultimate talent who escaped from PSG shines in the Premier

Being a PSG youth player is not an easy task. Coman, Nkunku, Diaby, Xavi Simons… they had to abandon Pars to win. That same path is the one I chose Wilson Serge Eric Odobert (Meaux, 28-11-2004) in 2022: refused to sign his first professional contract -veen of scoring 19 goals in 28 games with the youth team– y He went, free, to Troyes.

He couldn’t avoid relegation… but he finished his debut season in the elite with flying colors. He became the second youngest scorer (17 years and 273 days) to score for Troyes in Ligue 1… and closed the course with four goals and two assists in 32 games19 as a starter.

“I like to dribble and use my speed”

A great exercise that earned him a chance to sign for Burnley in exchange for 12 million euros. “I love the project, the coach, the city… “I like to play attacking football, dribble and use my speed,” he warned as a business card.

The former PSG debuted in the Premier, with a defeat against Newcastle (2-0), but, in his first game as a starter, in the League Cup, left his mark with a goal against Salford (4-0). “People still don’t know some of the kids who will become heroes this seasonbut I see them in training and I can assure you that guys like Wilson are very talented. It’s a matter of time before they show it. How much? One month? One week? We don’t know that, but we will bet on them,” Kompany said.

I can assure you that guys like Wilson are very talented. It’s a matter of time before they show it

Vincent Kompany

The truth is that Odobert has begun to demonstrate it. The French under 21 international – he has Martinique ancestry – can boast of being Burnley’s youngest scorer (18 years, 10 months and 9 days) in Premier League history. He has now accumulated four goals in total, three in the League, and one assist this course.

The last one was scored in the victory against Fulham (0-2). The winger, right-handed although he tends to play left, ‘opened the can’ with a great goal: He started 40 meters from the opposing goal, hit the wall with Lyle Foster and beat Leno with a big right hand from the front that went into the corner.

Burnley smileswhich achieved its second victory in 11 League games, and smiled Kompanyque apost fuerte por Odobert: “I was devastated about Koleosho’s injury because he was being our best player, but at the same time, I was excited for Wilson. “The fans don’t get to appreciate the talent he has.”

“Everyone loves players who can dribble one-on-one and he has that,” says Kompany., who does not doubt his potential: “As long as he continues to work hard every day, and I don’t see that changing, we will have something to look forward to.” His career just took off…but The ultimate talent who escaped from PSG is already shining in the Premier.


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