Old controversy: Why did a naked woman take the kick-off in an international match?

EOn June 2, 1990 Colombiatrained by Pacho Maturana and led by Carlos Valderramay Hungary They played a friendly match to prepare for the 1990 World Cup.

The match ended 3-1 in favor of Hungary, but the match went down in football history for the peculiar honor kick that took place in the center of the Nepstadion stadium field with 4,000 spectators as witnesses.

A topless woman and heels was in charge of performing the honor kick-off most unusual and controversial in living memory.

The girl entered almost naked and headed towards the middle of the field

Chonto Herrera

“The truth is that at that moment I was not close to the woman. The girl entered almost naked and headed towards the middle of the field, but I did get that special kick-off… With that cold too, that “very pretty girl walking in like that,” the footballer recalled Luis Fernando ‘Chonto’ Herrera in ‘BluRadio’.

Why did a naked woman perform the kick-off?

The Colombian press published that the protagonist of the kickoff was a porn actress.

In the Magyar press it was highlighted that this was a feminist demand after the fall of the Berlin Wall seven months earlier.

The kick-off was promoted by the Hungarian Football Federation and some sectors even called for sanctions for the model and actress.


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