Outrage in Russia over Putin’s ‘goddaughter’ party

PSince the war between Russia and Ukraine continues, the Russian elites dedicate themselves to the good life and live as if nothing were happening around them. Now we have been able to verify it after himThe latest controversy that has been generated thanks to an abnormal party in which all the wealthy celebrities of Moscow have been.

And the indignation, which has not been scarce, has also come because one of the protagonists has been Ksenia Sobchak, from 40 topopular television presenter and ‘liberal’ candidate for the Russian presidency in 2018, who attended in a nude Sorelle suit, without a bra and pregnant, at a party that was semi-nude.

Putin’s ‘goddaughter’

The protagonist of the story is known as Putin’s ‘goddaughter’ from the moment Vladimir attended her baptism. The problem and controversy has come with the meeting of rich nudes that she has been compared to a party in the purest Sodom and Gomorrah stylesomething that has been an insult thinking about the people who are in the first line of fire of the Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Words like “scum” or “burn in hell” have been some of those used by the Russian media to describe what this Moscow entertainment festival has been like. In fact, they have indicated that some of those present did efforts to cover their private partssomething that did not happen with all the guests.

The party has been reported to the prosecutor’s office and its organizer, the fashion blogger and socialite Nastya Ivleeva, who is 32 years old, far from apologizing, has published that at the party She wore diamonds and emeralds worth about 230,000 euros in the shape of a thong.

“Maybe, in your opinion, the party was a mistake. But we wanted glamor and that’s how it turned out. Maybe you don’t like to see ‘everything’, but, I’m sorry, where and when adults go with their asses in the air is their business.. The world is not fair; “has been, is and will always be like this,” declared Putin’s ‘goddaughter’.

“Somewhere they are killing people, somewhere else Children are starving and in another place they are drinking champagne at the same time. “No grief can last forever,” she concluded.


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