Pedro Pablo Parrado’s emotional farewell after 40 years of ‘Goles’ on the radio

EIn the tribute that was made recently on Radio Marca, the main members of the historic program recalled the best anecdotes of a program that triumphed in Cadena Cope and Cadena Rato in the eighties, on Radio España in the nineties and also on Radio Marca in the 21st century

with his ‘shock-shock’interviews and his unmistakable style, Pedro Pablo Parrado leaves for ” Kroos” leaving a big mark on sports radio tunes.

Parrado says goodbye to Radio MARCA

In it ‘Special 40 years of Goals’ the Juanma Gozalo studio that received great professionals who appeared on the legendary radio program. José Damián González, Jaime Ugarte, Enrique Marqués, Juanma Rodríguez or Pedro Pablo Parrado himself were some of them.

Together they remembered how it was reported a few years ago: “Real journalism was done, with power and freedom. We went with a machete.” The director of ‘Classic of sports radio’ was the first, in the 80s, to exploit the possibilities of the talk show, a format that has become common today. “Parrado changed the style of doing sports radio in this country. We published news when, until then, we only talked about controversies and current affairs,” said Enrique Marqués.

‘Goles’ triumphed, among other things, because of the great team that was formed around it. “The first voice I heard in this program was that of Manuel Esteban. That was a factory of freedom. It was a privilege to start with all these people,” Juanma Rodríguez recalled excitedly.

This special dedicated to ‘Goles’ also included Mónica Marchante, one of the most influential sports journalists in our country. He took his first steps as a professional with Parrado: “He was a very good boss. I have very good memories of that time. He did the information on Atlético de Madrid.”

Parrado leaves behind the unmistakable seal of black-tie journalism, of pure sports delight, and of the beautiful and friendly people of this sporting country. A radio legend who culminates a career full of successes in the best possible way, on Radio Marca and in style.


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