Porsche: The dirt-covered but unused Porsche 911 that sold for 1.9 million

LThe dirt that you see on the body of the car is not stuck to the paint of this spectacular Porsche 911but to the protective layer (called Cosmoline) with which in 1996 The car left the factory, so that the paint would not deteriorate due to inclement weather until it was delivered to its owner.


But this owner He never wanted it taken away.. In fact, she didn’t even have the pleasure of taking a car that has been sold again at the end of this year due to a real madness of money with the 10 original km with which it was delivered. It’s a shame, considering that the first owner (the car was sold as-is) 2017) drove those responsible crazy asking for countless details so they could do it for him to the letter. But if they pay you a fortune for the car, everything is forgotten.

Only two street units

The car in question is a 911 RSR ‘Strassenversion’, which in German means ‘street version’. And it is called that because Porsche agreed that two of its best clients in the entire world had a road approved version of a car that had been developed for competition.


He RSR It was a special variant with the engine raised to 3.8 liters (3.6 liters in the naturally aspirated 911 of the 964 generation) whose power was not announced, but which was estimated between 325 and 350 hp. But everything seemed to indicate even then that Porsche had a ‘card’ up its sleeve, because the performance was typical of a car with greater horsepower: it went from 0 to 100 in just a few seconds. 3.7 secondswhich at that time was going out faster than a Ferrari F40 o one Dodge Viper, so even then it was ventured that the real power would be about 375 CV.

Long list of hits

In competition his success was unstoppable; among other merits, he prevailed in the 24 Hours of Spa and the 1,000 km of Suzukain addition to obtaining the victory of his class in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. And, as far as the American competitions are concerned, he obtained absolute victory in the 24 Hours of Interlagoswon in its category in the 12 Hours of Sebring and took the first four places in its category in the 24 Hours of Daytona.


Get a street car on such a beast of competition was already something unexpected, which can only be achieved when one is more than a appreciated customer Of the brand. But when they agreed to manufacture it, they had to say “yes” to the client’s multitude of requirements; I asked for it with a Guardia Red leather upholstery for seats, car cover ceiling, bottom and top parts of dashboardcolumn of steering, steering wheel, trim of doors and cage anti-roll.

This combination, after all, was the same one that this same client had requested in two of the cuatro 911 3.3 Turbo S Lightweight (considered another rarity that today is worth a real fortune), and was finished off with some very elegant Amethyst metallic wheels behind which the enormous gold brake calipers.


Additionally, the car was equipped with passenger seat, closure centralized, mats en Can-Can Red, instrumentacin silver with gray leather covering, controls and outputs of air in black leather, shooters door in gray. And, of course, she retained competitive traits such as pneumatic jackshe fuel tank of 120 liters and the double spark engine with Le Mans specifications.

How much that car cost is something that was never communicated, but we can venture to say that it was a fortune, perhaps 8 or 10 times what a normal Carrera 2 cost. Even so, it is very far from the 1.9 million euros so it was sold at the end of this year through the auction house Bonhams. And we would bet that its new owner, who we don’t know who he is, still hasn’t even released it.


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