Real Madrid: Christmas of reflection in the goal

Lunin of Kepa. It is the great unknown for 2024 that awaits the Real Madrid. It was his own Carlo Ancelotti who before the game against him AlavsIn addition to announcing Kepa’s return to goalkeeping in the League, he made it clear that during these holidays he would have time to reflect and decide who would be his first goalkeeper.

In this month of December, since Kepa’s return after his injury, Ancelotti has tried to be as fair as possible and distribute minutes, Although it has become clear that Lunin has not wasted any time while his partner was out and has earned the position.

Ancelotti: “Lunin is one of the team’s two starting goalkeepers and the other is called Kepa”

This latest ownership of Kepa has left everything up in the air, given that everything indicated that Lunin had won the battle after having played the last five league games, the last three with his teammate already recovered and who had only reappeared to play the match. Champions League against Union Berlin on February 12. In those five games, the Ukrainian has conceded only two goals.

Ancelotti must therefore decide who will be his first goalkeeper, that is, who will play in the League and the Champions League and which of the two will keep the consolation of the Cup. The Italian does not want to continue with the distribution of minutes and knows that it is an complicated decision since Without Courtois, the two have earned the right to stay in the eleven.

Ancelotti’s analysis

“They are both doing very well and we are very happy. Luni has progressed a lot, he has shown a lot of confidence and Kepa has maintained his level, well. When Kepa came back from the injury, I liked to reward both of them. Tomorrow he will play Kepa and in the second part of the season I am going to choose one of the two,” the coach explained in the press room.

As Real Madrid coach, Ancelotti already experienced a debate regarding goalkeeping, inherited from Mourinho. The Portuguese had sacrificed Casillas for Diego López and the Italian tried to be more fair. If Diego was the goalkeeper of the League, Iker was the goalkeeper of the Champions League and the Cup. A possibility that the coach has not talked about so far and that does not seem to be considered.

Ancelotti’s decision also involves the club because it can mark the future of both. Lunin’s contract expires and until he radically changed his scenario just a month ago, he had decided to leave Madrid. Kepa came on loan and his goal was not to return to Chelsea and be able to continue in the white club, but if he is not the starting goalkeeper this option is no longer so interesting for him.


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