Risto Mejide’s radical response to Real Madrid fans that will bring a queue

EThis Wednesday, June 5, 2024, Cuatro has issued a new episode of ‘Everything is a lie’, the evening space presented by Risto Mejide, which reviews the political and social news on the national and international scene. The presenter, always close to what is happening in the world of football, He has mentioned the signing of Mbappé to Real Madrid with a certain tone of hostility.

One of his collaborators wanted to remind him that it is not only about the signing of the French star, since “We are Champions League champions, we are in the Endesa League final and Luka Doncic is going to play his first NBA finals”. Risto Mejide’s face when he saw that, unlike his club (Barça), luck smiled on the whites was quite a poem. “They need Mbappé now,” the presenter commented with an ironic tone.

Faced with such overwhelming titles and recognition, Risto Mejide has not hesitated: “You are earning so much that you are very disgusting.” His collaborator’s response has been equally radical: “The more disgusting we are, the more I like it.” Both ended up signing peace with an ironic smile and explaining how the French player is going to benefit from the new tax system of the Community of Madrid.

Risto Mejide and his pleasant experience with a former Real Madrid player in an elevator: “It’s great”

Before what is now known as the ‘Mbappé Law’, there was the ‘Beckham Law’. The collaborators of ‘Everything is a lie’ have reviewed the benefits that that legislation meant for the English player so that Risto reaches a conclusion that has nothing to do with this matter: “Beckham was great,” he said without much meaning.

Risto Mejide's radical response to Real Madrid fans that will bring a queue

“I met Beckham in an elevator. Maybe he spent a few seconds looking at me, but they seemed like forever. It was a very small elevator, there were three of us, but the other person was superfluous…” Mejide joked. His collaborators have ended up making a headline for Risto’s experience: “Beckham and Risto Mejide have a threesome in an elevator.”


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