Robot portrait of the Alvise voter: age, location and income level

Luis Alvise Perezleader of The Party is Overis on everyone’s lips after having achieved three seats in the recent european elections. His forceful, radical and critical speech towards the current leaders has permeated the 800.000 personas who have supported your project with their vote. But what are the voters of this disruptive politician like? We analyze your profile from the demographic variables of age, residence and income level.

More weight in the south of Spain

The influence of Alvisefrom a geographical point of view, has focused mainly on the on from the country. Andalusia, Murcia o Ceuta are some of the territories that have most trusted the politician of OINTMENT. Regarding the volume of cities, we observe that the politician has obtained more support in towns of between 10,000 and 50,000 inhabitants. They are medium-sized cities and not provincial capitals.

Luis Alvise Pérez, leader of SALF.EFE

Men under 44 years of age

If we look at the latest poll of the CISwe observe a clear trend: voters of Luis Alvise Perez In the latter European countries, the vast majority are men – 75 percent – and under 44 years of age. Within this range, support for OINTMENT It is greater the younger the voter, clearly surpassing traditional parties at lower ages.

Furthermore, many have had sympathy for VOXtraining with a speech that is also groundbreaking in many of the topics it deals with Alvise, in previous electoral appointments. As we move beyond this age range, 44 years old and always according to the pre-election survey of the CISthe intention to vote Alvise descends clearly.

Luis Alvise votes in the last European elections.EFE

The economic level of the Alvise voter

The voters of OINTMENT They have a disparate level of income and Alvise’s speech has permeated both rich and poor neighborhoods. Income, unlike what happens with other political formations, is not a differential factor when determining the profile in this case. His words have been successful in localities where there is a high unemployment rate and in others where the economy is clearly more buoyant. The leader of The Party is Over has entered the Spanish and European political scene with force thanks, among other elements, to its exposure on social networks.


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