Sofía Cristo reveals what is not seen about ‘Survivors’: “I bribed as much as I could in the stilt house”

CWith all the controversy that his brother Ángel has generated, Sofía Cristo has become one of the most sought-after faces in the social chronicle. Therefore, any statement by the DJ generates an enormous media stir. In the middle of the war between Ángel and his mother, the young woman has gone to Malbert’s podcast, ‘Dear Hater’, where she has talked about the reality that ‘Survivors’ hides.

A few weeks ago, Víctor Sandoval revealed that he had to fake fainting because the cameras had not captured it. Some words that Malbert has collected to ask Sofía about How she lived her experience in Honduras and to see if it coincides with the version given by the collaborator of ‘Ni que fuerámos’.

Sofía Cristo: “I bribed as much as I could in the stilt house”

“I was expelled against a person who had a contractual departure date. I was winning in the votes. I can’t confirm it, but I have suspicions. I was one of the favorites. That day I saw the other person (nominated), Rebeca Loos, very happy,” Bárbara Rey’s daughter began, suggesting that she left due to a decision by the network and not by the audience.

On the other hand, he assures that he is hungry, but that there are tricks to cope better: “In the stilt house I bribed as much as I could and I got it. I have never told anyone about it. I got watermelon, which was what the guard had. They left me alone one night in the stilt house,” he confessed.

Finally, Sofía has left a message about the disciplinary expulsion that her brother has experienced in the current edition after jumping the security perimeter. “It is a topic that is not the one I most want to talk about, but, in the end, in reality shows you have to accept disciplinary expulsions. But, I know that you will respect it. “What I least want right now is to talk about my brother.”it is finished.


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