Sofía Suescun attracts everyone’s attention with an explosive sheer dress

Sofia Suescun He continues to make the most of the first days of summer, as his participation in ‘Survivors: All Star’ is already beginning to appear on the horizon. The influencer has been one of the guests at the Beefeater Black party. A large group of content creators, including the Navarrese, have been chosen to give visibility to the brand on social networks.

Suescun has always considered himself a person who takes risks when it comes to his image. If a few days ago she surprised her followers with a radical cut to her hair, opting for the bob style, At the party held last night, Sofía once again attracted all eyes.

Sofía Suescun attracts everyone's attention with this explosive sheer dress

The Navarrese opted for a transparent black lace jumpsuit. For the abdomen, the winner of ‘Big Brother’ and ‘Survivors’ chose a black sash. The rest of the parts of his body were completely exposed. In addition, he added one more twist to his brand-new haircut, slicking it back with a middle part.

Sofia Suescun party menu

She was the new contestant of ‘Survivor: All Star’ the one who shared the menu on her social networks. The group of content creators were able to enjoy the following dishes before the party:

  • Appetizers: coquinas, mussels, prawns and salmon tartare. Pairing: Beefeater Black.

  • First course: Pumpkin cream at low temperature with truffle.

  • Second course: grilled turbot with baked potato or sirloin with foie.

  • Dessert: cheesecake.

Sofía Suescun attracts everyone's attention with this explosive sheer dress

His reunion with Kiko Jiménez

After being the last one expelled from ‘Survivors’, Kiko Jiménez has already landed in Madrid to return to normality. The couple will separate again in a month, so they will want to spend as much time together as possible. As Sofía has hinted in her stories, it will not be until Thursday when the influencer and the Andalusian will meet again after the latter’s time in the contest.


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