Speech by King Felipe VI for this Christmas 2023, live

EIt’s one of the most anticipated moments of tonight. Felipe VI will be on all the television screens and will sneak into our living rooms for a few Approximately 15 minutes to convey your message for this Christmas. It is still unknown what its content will be, but many experts advocate talking about topics such as Amnesty, the war in Ukraine, the conflict between Palestine and Israel and the union of the nation in 2024.

This year’s message, in addition, will be the tenth in which Felipe VI is in charge of transmitting it. Since his accession to the throne of Spain in 2014, Juan Carlos I’s successor has not changed much in the way in which his mother conveyed his message. cIt should be emphasized that the king’s speech is broadcast by all the main television networks and the same for national radio stations. They all access the signal broadcast by RTVE and RNE.

It is important to clarify that the king’s speech is not held live, much less live. An RTVE team travels to the Palacio de la Zarzuela in the days before Christmas Eve and prepares the moment so that nothing goes wrong on one of the most special nights for the Spanish people. This year it seems that the king will also make some mention of respect for the Constitution, in addition to the topics mentioned above.

Schedule and where to see the message from King Felipe VI

As usual, This Christmas 2023 speech by King Felipe VI can be followed live on La 1, Antena 3, Telecinco and La Sexta starting at 9:00 p.m. this Sunday, December 24, 2023. It can also be followed on RNE and the rest of the stations that want to access the signal provided by the Royal House.

You can also follow the speech of King Felipe VI this Christmas 2023 through the narration of BRAND Radio and with live comments from

King Felipe VI’s speech, live


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