Stephen Hawking’s worrying prediction: he set a date for the end of the world… and it’s not that far away!

There are many predictions about the end of the Earth’s existence. But when it comes from experts in the field, at least it gives food for thought.. Because it is not a comment on free will. No. It carries a scientific burden and even more so in these times. It was Stephen Hawking. The astrophysicist was clear. Very clear. Y left a date for the world to cease to exist going at the pace he is going.

The famous scientist made a series of predictions which, by the way, are worrying about the future of humanity during his last years of life.

And Hawking warned that If humanity continued on its current course, it could lead to the Earth’s self-destruction. What date gives you time for its end? Well, he pointed out that in less than 600 years.

Give your reasons. It is protected by several facts that are concatenated. On the one hand, it analyzes the increase in population that has occurred in recent decades and the consequent increased energy consumption as critical factors. That’s what could turn the Earth into a big fireball.

A few years ago Hawking gave a lecture at a conference in Beijing… He warned that Humanity could exterminate itself due to the “greed” of human beings and the “clumsiness” of those who inhabit the planet.. And at that time he was already talking about solutions such as electric cars and the exploration of other planets.

In search of new planets

Hawking explained his reasoning and in the process appealed to investors to support his plans to travel to the nearest star outside our solar system in the hope of finding a habitable planet. In fact, he pointed to the star Alpha Centauri. It is located about four light years away. And some scientists consider that it could host planets that they have Earth-like conditions.


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