Streamers: David Bisbal reveals his favorite video game to IlloJuan: “It’s the only one I play as therapy”

Ha few days ago IlloJuan he streamed as a Christmas gathering before it arrived Christmas Eve and Christmas. Andrés, SpokSponha, Daríoemeache, Cheeto and some other luxury guests such as the actor participated in this live show. Paco Leon or the artists David Bisbal and Omar Montes, among others.

They talked with each guest for a while about various topics and in the talk with Bisbal we discovered what his favorite video game is. “I don’t play anything, “There is only one game that I have because I am passionate about Formula 1,” The singer highlighted that he really likes the world of motors.

Furthermore, he highlighted that it is one of the ways he has escape from work: “I have a little steering wheel, a very nice ‘Thrustmaster’ with a very good ‘downforce’.”

David Bisbal reveals to IlloJuan his favorite video game: “It’s the only one I play as therapy”

Bisbal almost never plays video games

The artist repeated on more than one occasion that He doesn’t play video games but Formula 1 is the only one he is passionate about: “I put on a watch and I don’t play for more than an hour, because more would be a little dangerous.”

Finally, David Bisbal He told IlloJuan, Andrés and SpokSponha that he plays the video game “as therapy” since it serves as a disconnection in your life on a professional level.


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