The closest and most normal Beckham family possible: this is their Christmas dinner

Pfor many the Christmas It has already begun and through social networks, they teach the family unity, the bond and the normality with which they take the holidays during these dates, like a totally normal family. That is what the the Beckham family through a Tiktok that has become viral overnight. In it you can see how they prepare the Christmas meal and how the whole family gets together for one of the moments most anticipated of the year.

Although in the documentary we have been able to see some pieces of how the family Beckham, in this video you can see facets that we did not know about many members of the family, especially David and Victoria Beckham. The video is recorded Nicola Peltz Beckham, the couple of Brooklyn and starts with some David and Brooklyn finalizing the preparations for the meal with some baked potatoes and in which the owner of Inter Miami blesses the audiovisual document with a “Merry Christmas”.

Later Victoria Beckham appears in pajamas and a Christmas hat to match the time in which we find ourselves. Each and every one of the members of the family participates in the preparation of any dish or drink and the fact is that the David appears in the kitchen home dress and with glasses, something very welcoming, even though millions of people are watching.

The closest and most normal Beckham family possible: this is their Christmas dinner

A huge tree decorates the Beckhams’ living room

With the dining room overlooking the sea, you can see a long table prepared with candle lighting and with all kinds of details and food to start the Christmas festivities in the best possible way. All of them equipped with a Christmas hat so as not to lose the custom. Behind the foodthe former player of the LA Galaxy vacuuming the house, a situation that not many would have imagined and in front of a gigantic treedecorated with accessories that reflect throughout the room.

But the final moment is why everyone has commented on the video and that is that Victoria Beckham herself appears in sneakers of casa and removing the garbage bag from its container to fold it and prepare it to throw into the container. Something that many users have been amazed by: “I never thought I would see Victoria Beckham collecting the garbage bag, I don’t feel so poor anymore, thank you Victoria”“The Beckhams having dinner in their pajamas and you with your best clothes to receive your aunt and your cousins ​​hahahahaha”, “I want a reality show about them as a family” or “Beckham vacuuming”, among many others.


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