The influencer Cristhian Nieto and his wife, shot to death in a circus

Ehe Colombian influencer and deputy Cristhian Nieto and his wife, Nicole Burgos, have been murdered when they were preparing to take their seats at a circus show of which Nieto was the organizer. The events occurred in Manta, a coastal city in western Ecuador, when the family was heading to the function.

A group armed with guns broke into the room and began shooting in all directions, wounding many of the citizens who had attended the show. Among the deceased were Cristhian Nieto and Nicole Burgos. The assembly member for the Citizen Revolution movement died instantly, as has been confirmed by the videos that have been leaked on social networks.

An attack directed at Cristhian Nieto and his wife

His wife was broadcasting everything that happened live when the dozen armed people entered through the back area of ​​the tent and opened fire on all the attendees. In several of these videos you can feel the desperation of many of the citizens once the attack ends. “It can’t be! No Pipo!” or “An ambulance! They killed Pipo. No, Cristhian!”are some of the testimonies that can be heard.

According to the police investigation, the armed group was hidden inside the tent, they came out from the back and opened fire in an attack directed at Cristhian Nieto and his wife. The motives have not yet been clarified and the authorities continue with the investigation while Ecuador mourns a new murder of a member of political life.

The National Assembly of Ecuador has spoken out after the terrible event and “expresses its deep feeling of regret and solidarity to their families and friendsthat they can find comfort in the face of this irreparable loss.” Cristhian Nieto also dedicated part of his time to creating rescue and humanitarian aid content, using his platform to positively change the lives of people in need.


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