The keys to ‘swiftie’ passion: Taylor Swift as the “mastermind” of the business

MBeyond her talent as a composer and performer, questioned especially since she became the only artist with four Grammys for album of the year, Taylor Swift He has become the center of a global passion that experts attribute, as one of his songs says, to his “master mind.”

Sebas Alonso, director of the specialized media Jenesaispop, highlights how she has been able to listen to the market to progressively expand her market, first with the jump from the most accessible ‘country’ but which limited her to the United States during her first three albums to the more global pop with ‘Red’. “Then it lost the Grammy for best album to Daft Punk’s ‘Random Access Memories’ album; He realized that his was not a very cohesive album and decided to make ‘1989’ influenced by the critics.“, he points out another of the record milestones of his career, which was endorsed by an artist as renowned as Ryan Adams. The third great record milestone of his career, also in the middle of the pandemic, was his alliance with Aaron Dessner as producer, of which ‘Folklore’ and ‘Evermore’ emerged,”changing its ‘target’ towards an ‘underground’ public that is beginning to take it more seriously“.

Earn respect

Taylor Swift has rebelled several times against the conception of the artist as the last link in a business for which he is limited to producing content, not art, like when he challenged Spotify and removed his music from the platform after publishing an article on The Wall Street Journal titled ‘Valuable things deserve to be paid for’, seeking fair compensation from streaming. Similar criticisms leveled against Apple Music led this company to publicly apologize and amend its position. What’s more, Taylor Swift ended up being the image of the service.

Another of her hits on the table in defense of her rights after a commercial maneuver came after artist manager Scooter Braun stripped her of all control over the first part of her discography. So decided to re-record all the ‘lost’ albums and they surpassed the success of the originals, in a crusade shared by all his followers. “Many people have re-recorded her songs, like Blondie, but she took the opportunity to expand their context and update her speech, faithful to her sound, but rereading songs like ‘All Too Well’, which had not been a single and which she expanded to the 10 minutes long. All of that is quite valuable.“, highlights Sebas Alonso.


That demand for respect also progressively occurred in the narrative of his songs. From a somewhat reserved girl, an impassive victim, for example, of Kanye West’s attacks, she began to give vent to her frustrations, often sentimental, véase ‘I Know You Were Trouble’ o ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’, But also against other enemies like Kim Kardashian on his latest album. A milestone of this transition was the complaint for 1 dollar that he won against an announcer who went too far by taking advantage of the capture of a photograph together. He lost his job and, therefore, at first, it gave her a certain image of being fussy and exaggerated, although today She sees herself as a feminist icon who has made sorority her flag, with a strong community of strong women around her.

However, years would pass in which She was criticized for being too lukewarm in condemning retrograde policies and attitudes. that, with ‘Trumpism’ in vogue, they were targeting women and the LGTBQ+ collective, their main source of followers. In the end, he ended up siding with Joe Biden, something that was considered decisive not only for the previous elections, but also for the next ones. The documentary ‘Miss Americana’ was about how she suffered those criticisms and why she decided to shake off the image of a good girl representative of conservatism, which clearly allowed us to better understand her prolific capacity for composition.

Taylor Swift, a business and a community

But the enormous following that it has cannot be explained in the opinion of the experts consulted by EFE only for its artistic qualities. For Pablo Benítez de Lugo, who works as a ‘business lead’ at Accenture Song, “No one like her has understood Taylor Swift as a company“.” “All artists have beastly teams at their service to advise them, but You can see that she is the one in charge with all the focus, with brave decisions and a brutal strategic mind, which perfectly measures the times of everything.“, he indicates, before highlighting how he pursues “excellence” in areas that compensate for his limitations in other areas.


It may be that she does not stand out as a dancer, with a special timbre or exceptional vocal qualities, but in return she continues to take care of the entire technical section, whether in her recordings, in her video clips and in the production of her shows. “The relationship with the fans is very special, it is much more direct, they pay close attention to everything that is said and respond“says Diego Pernas, an expert in digital communication, in the face of a bond that is almost that of friend and listener. As an example, when he reformulated his song ‘Snow On The Beach’ with Lana del Rey after his followers lamented that it was barely heard in the audience. another artist.

For them, Taylor Swift has turned her creations into playing fields full of hidden winks that only they could notice, the so-called ‘easter eggs’. “Many songs are related to each other, such as ‘Cardigan’, ‘Betty’ and ‘August’, in which he narrates a love triangle from all points of view, and that makes his followers look for that story within the story.“, emphasizes Sebas Alonso. The artist will offer this Wednesday and Thursday at the renovated Santiago Bernabéu stadium in Madrid the only two concerts in Spain of her celebrated ‘The Eras Tour’.


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