The referee error that unleashed chaos in the G3X-Móstoles: He asks to stop time at the table and then adds it

Lhe Kings World Cup referees are not understanding their role regarding added time. The referees are stopping time when they see fit.but then they are not consistent when it comes to deducting that from the addition.

His performance was already generating doubts, but yesterday, in the G3X FC-Ultimate Móstoles, it was clearly seen that the referee made a mistake and influenced the result of the match. Despite stopping time in added time, he allowed 30 more seconds to be played after 43′, which were decisive.

The 41 seconds of shame

As Fran Luque has shown on his Twitter account, the referee is wrong in this action. After a clear foul by a G3X player on Eloy Pizarro, he asks to stop time in added time. It should be noted that before this there was no other action in which time had been lost in this extension.

The controversial decision of the G3X-Ultimate Móstoles refereeTwitter

These are 41 seconds in which it is not necessary at all for time to stop. It is true that the referee in case of injury must stop the stopwatch, but Pizarro gets up quickly andThe Brazilian player, who comes out worse, is off the fieldso they can serve you without stopping the game.

After this play, there was not much else in the match, with few losses of time. However, this thought that the game had stopped made the referee give 30 more seconds, in which G3X’s goal arrived.. These 30 seconds, however, were added by a stop in which the stopwatch was not counting.


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