There is no good fifth for Acosta

Pedro Acosta finished in fifth position the long race held in Mugello. And precisely he is also fifth in the drivers’ standings with 101 points. However, at Mazarrón shark The event held on the iconic Italian track did not end satisfied. He is a born nonconformist and it shows every time he analyzes a test in which he has not climbed to the top step of the podium. “I’m just as angry as I always am when I don’t win”he summarized very eloquently.

And the Italian Grand Prix shone brightly on Saturday, as it concluded in third position the Sprint (in the short race he was only surpassed Pecco Bagnaia and Marc Márquez). But not even for those. And he was not consoled by the fact that he was the only one capable of addressing the people. invincible Ducati.


“Being the first KTM and the first non-Ducati It means little because we finished fifth, seven seconds behind first.. So, it’s the same for me to be first or second if I’m seven seconds away from first. We have to look at the good, we have to look at what has been another consistent weekend. We have finished the race, we have taken points, we have gone much faster than last year’s KTM. But things have to be optimized,” said the Murcian.

It means little to be the first KTM if I’m seven seconds behind the first

Pedro Acosta (GasGas Tech3 pilot)

On the other hand, Acosta did not give special importance to the opportunity he has to be the youngest winner of a race in the premier class. “That’s really cool, but right now I’m much more concerned about seeing how we close the distance with respect to the first than about those things. The problem is seeing things so close and with each turn they miss you a little and you don’t get there. We will try to solve it in circuits that are coming now and that are good for us, like Assen and Sachsenring,” he stressed.


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