Three of the four Spanish relays reach their European finals in Rome

Lhe two Spanish 4×400 relays have shined in their respective series at the European Championship in Rome and will be in their finals tomorrow. The women have also broken the Spanish record and the men have set a season record, confirming in both cases their qualification for the Paris Games in the World Athletics Relays Bahamas 2024 last May, in which the Spanish already beat an ancient Spanish record that dated from Tokyo 1991.

The women’s 4×100 has also entered the final, which also has run without Jaël Bestué, which has been reserved for tonight’s 200 meters final. Despite this, he has been third in his series and has passed through places. This has not been the case of the men’s short quarter, who lost his best man at the last minute, Guillem Crespí – sixth in the final of the 100 meters -.

The ‘Spanish Beatles’ of the 4×400 do not fail and get into the final of the European Championship in Rome

He Spanish women’s 4×400 lives an unexpected revolution that seems to have no ceiling. This morning he faced the challenge of repeating his success at the European Championship in Rome and he passed with honors, as he has lowered the Spanish record again, and this time by more than two seconds!, leaving it at 3:25.25.

The initial post of Carmen Aviles (52.45) placed the Spanish not very far from the first but it has been Berta Segura the one that has fully involved the Spanish in the fight for direct classification with a partial score of 50.76the fastest of that second post.

It was the turn of Eva Santidriánwhat With 51.39 he climbed to third place which gave the direct classification. Blanca Hervás has ‘flew’ (50.65) in the last post but Spain has finally been fourth, so it has gone through times. Of course, with better time than the winner of the first series, Poland, with 3:25.59. The final is this Wednesday at 9:05 p.m.

The ‘Spanish Beatles’ come to their appointment

As to los ‘Spanish Beatles’ del 4×400, they are in one more final. Said like this, it sounds easy, but the merit is enormous because the competition does not stop growing. Bronze in Berlin 2018 and fourth in Munich 2022 with national record (3:00.54)this time they have passed the initial screening for times after a perfect race.

Iñaki Cañal had a great first relay (45.40) and second handed the witness to Manuel Guijarrowho took the free lane third but climbed back to second place with another great post (45.10). It was the turn of Óscar Husillos, the only survivor of the original ‘Spanish Beatles’ from the 2017 London World Cup.

The shouts of joy from the Portuguese 4×400 runners upon learning that they were in the final of the European Championship in Rome after Poland’s disqualification

The ‘Expreso de Astudillo’ demonstrated its experience in these battles and with a time of 45.28 it maintained second place. It was the turn of the youngest of the team, David García Zurita, who has just turned 19 years old.

The Extremaduran didn’t fail either (45.67) but he was initially overtaken by three rivals, so Spain finished fifth and went to the final by times with 3:01.45brand of the season.

Of course the medal and record for Spain is possible. We have arrived very well at this championship and we are not satisfied with having reached the final

Oscar Husillos

And we say initially because Poland was finally disqualified for invading another street, allowing Portugal to advance to the grand final.. The Portuguese had been behind the Spanish with a national record (3:01.91) and They shouted with joy in the mixed zone when they found out about their pass to tomorrow’s final at 9:17 p.m.

Husillos, captain ‘in pectore’ of the team, was not satisfied with this new final despite the level of the rivals, who in some cases reserved their best runners: “Of course the medal and the record for Spain is possible. We have arrived very well at this championship and we are not satisfied with having reached the final.”

The women’s 4×100 is still sweet

Another relay that has brought several joys to Spanish athletics in recent times is the women’s 4×100. Fifth at the 2022 Eugene World Cupa month later he was fourth in the European Championship in Munich.

This year it did not achieve direct qualification for Paris 2024 in the Bahamas but at the moment it is in via World Ranking with the best time (42.85) of the non-classified countries. Even so, in Rome they are looking to improve it a little more to secure that coveted place.

In his series, and with the aforementioned absence of Bestué, Sonia Molina, Esther Navero, Paula Sevilla and Maribel Pérez have been third with a round time of 43 seconds that logically they should improve tomorrow in the final (22.40) with the presence of the Catalan.

The only national relay that will not be in the final is the men’s 4×100, which He has competed well despite being hampered by the absence of Crespíwho was warming up this morning but didn’t have a good feeling.

Ricardo Sánchez, Abel Jordán, Juan Carlos Castillo and Sergio López have been fourth in their seriesjust one place away from the direct classification by positions, with a time of 39.21 and finally they finished tenth overall, just 11 hundredths away from going to the final on time.

Daniel García, out of the 800 final

In the second semi-final of the 800 meters, Daniela Garcia She arrived last in the final 200 meters and was able to come back to the fifth place to finish in 2:00.68just 25 hundredths away from his personal best.

Only the first three of each semifinal went directly to the final of the eight best and they had to drop two minutes to advance by time. The Spanish, European under-23 champion last year in Espoo (Finland)finally finished eleventh.


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