VAT refund, December 2023: Christmas gift for beneficiaries who can collect

La Last week of the year 2023 will arrive with the last dates to be able to claim the VAT Refund money in the last cyclestaking into account that there were delays in the programming of the Department of Social Prosperity (DPS) for Cycle 4, 5 and 6. However, there are some differences, clarifications and information, which are important to receive these resources.

Dates to collect VAT refund in December 2023

Cycle 4, for those who could receive the money in the 323 municipalities through Davivivienda and the DaviPlata product, was made between December 5 and 17. But that same Cycle 4 for those who receive the money through SuperGiros can still be collected.

Likewise, cycles 5 and 6 are pending for those who receive the money through DaviPlata and SuperGiros. But the expiration date for this money is December 30, when the program will officially end in the year:

  • Cycle 5 and cycle 6 (December 18 to 30): 323 municipalities in which a total of 180,000 Colombian pesos will be paid through Davivienda.
  • Cycle 4, cycle 5 and cycle 6 (December 18 to 30): 786 municipalities in which a total of 270,000 Colombian pesos will be paid through SuperGiros.

Although the idea is that the payments are made in a unified manner and do not have date differences, due to the delay in dates in the last 6 months (being bimonthly payments) this programming was used as the only way to comply with the people in condition of vulnerability and to distribute resources destined for DPS.

VAT Refund payment amount in December 2023

Los last payment cycles of the year 2023, each of 90,000 Colombian pesos, which leaves the accumulated amount of 270,000 Colombian pesos, according to the bimonthly payment table established by Social Prosperity. But since the same people do not receive money every month, depending on the prioritization and the system managed by the National Government, it is prudent to consult this data on the official pages:

Check if you receive the VAT Refund payment for Sisbn IV

There is no registration process for the money delivery and distribution programs, focused on the least favored sectors.that is why the National Government has taken into account the registration in the Sisbn (System for Identification of Potential Beneficiaries of Social Programs) IV, with beneficiaries and prioritized being those who make up Group A and Group B (Extreme and moderate poverty).

Disbursements depend on the financial conditions of each individual, household and family, which is why the data must be updated and digitally authenticated on the portal. to confirm that everything is fine:

  • Enter the link
  • But ‘click’ on the “Beneficiary households” button
  • The pop-up window will appear, there should be enter your citizen ID number
  • Fill the space to verify that you are not a robot, space known as ‘ReCaptcha’
  • But ‘click’ on “Consult” to display the information

Link to consult IV Refund payments in Colombia

For doubts regarding data, dates, delivery points and general informationthere are these links for possible beneficiaries and interested parties:

  • Consultation link in Davivienda’s DaviPlata:
  • Consultation link in SuperGiros:
  • Information will be available on the Department for Social Prosperity page for those who are interested or have questions and should enter this link:


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