Victoria Abril, accused of an alleged sexual assault on several co-stars

Victoria April has returned to the media focus after its strong positioning a favor by Grard Depardieu, who has been accused of rape. The actress was one of the 56 personalities who showed her support for the actor after the fierce criticism she is receiving. The Frenchwoman claims that Depardieu is suffering a media lynching, something that in her opinion he does not deserve.

Well, it seems that this support has turned against her. And the thing is, the one who was a contestant on ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ has been accused of an alleged sexual assault by classmate Lucie Lucas. . . . This intrprete explains that his partner sexually assaulted several co-stars.

“I can’t wait for you to disappear from our screens!”

Lucie has written a devastating text on her official Instagram account signed by Victoria Abril in support of Grard Depardieu. A surprising act, since both have known each other since they played mother and daughter in the series ‘Clem’.

“It can’t be true! I’m in shock… Tell me you didn’t do it?! Artists to vomit, fucking boomers… What a shame!!! I really can’t believe it! I can’t wait for you to disappear from our screens forever!”expressed the interpreter on Instagram.

“I have been an actress for fifteen years and I protect many of these degenerates, not saying in interviews all the bad things they do to others on a set.”. Always telling the journalists that everything went very well on the set, that everyone is so nice and adorable… When it is often totally false!”the text continues.

“A lot to say about some of the people on this delightful list of co-signers. Hey, Victoria?” Do you want us to talk about your numerous attacks, including sexual ones, on your colleagues? Now that I think about it, I’m not surprised you signed that newspaper… You’re freaking out too, and now that I think about it, you’re right. Enough nonsense,” Lucie concluded forcefully.


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