Was anyone expecting it? James Rodríguez sends messages to Zidane and Messi before Christmas

Apart of its current and reality as a player for São Paulo and the Colombian National TeamJames Rodríguez is also co-president of one of the clubs that will participate in the first edition of the Kings League Americas. And within the framework of the promotion and preparation of this new competition, The left-hander’s partner has taken the opportunity to extract several secrets from him..

For those who do not know who is ‘Pelicanger’, he is a Colombian ‘influencer’ and ‘streamer’ who was chosen by James himself to advise and represent him when he cannot be at games and commitments. AND In recent days, after finishing the season in Brazil, conversations and videos have emerged between them with several confessions.

And on the occasion of the Christmas celebration, also anticipating what’s coming in the Kings League Americas, a new video of ‘Pelicanger’ questions and answers from James came out. But there were some themes that caught our attention.

James Rodríguez spoke about Zidane, Messi, Qatar and LaLiga

Although it was not possible to see who was asking the questions, usually the ‘influencer’ is in charge of asking the questions and the cucuteño answers bluntly.

  • How do you celebrate the end of the year, as a family?

“With all my loved ones, with a champagne, a good meal and hoping that next year is full of many triumphs”

  • What has been the most memorable match?

“The 2024 World Cup against Uruguay marked a before and after”

  • Which idol would you like to play with on the court?

With Zidane, who was my coach, I would have loved to play. With Messi, I faced him many times, but I would have loved to play with him

  • Who would James Rodríguez be if he weren’t a footballer?

“Basketball player”

  • What is your favorite Colombian dish?

“Rice with chicken and tray paisa. Those two are the ones I like and they are competing for first place”

  • How was your experience playing in Qatar?

“It was a short time, it was 8 months. A league that was not so competitive, but life and football always leave you experiences, for the good and the bad, you always learn things”

  • Of all the leagues you’ve played in, which one do you prefer?

Because of the experience, I stick with the Spanish LaLiga

It all ended with an anecdote with an older Banfield fan, to whom he fulfilled the promise of being champions before he died. But he gave a lot to talk about what he said about Zinedine Zidane and Lionel Messi, in addition to the opinions of the Qatar League and the Spanish LaLiga.


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