What has never been seen on First Dates with the incredible silence of two singles on their date: “I haven’t seen him to be a model”

Carlos Sobera and the team of ‘First Dates‘They welcomed, one more night, the single men and women who came on Thursday, June 6, to the most famous restaurant on Spanish television. There they looked for a second chance at a love that has been elusive until now, although the spark does not always arise on the popular dating show. Four. And that’s what happened between Marc and Andreawho starred one of the most tense dates of the latest episodes.

Andrea works in a winery, comes from Barcelona and she usually laughs a lot when she gets nervous. She is tired of men unfaithful. Two of his partners cheated on him and, precisely for this reason, he considers it essential that his date be a person.”fell“He recognizes that, because of this, it costs him a little”gain confidence“But she wants to give love a second chance. She also likes men”altos“, but when he saw Marc he added “muscular” to your list of requirements.

And the bachelor, 36 years old and from Manresa, he didn’t like it at all. Neither physically, nor in his style. Marc works as escort and also as a model. It gives a lot of importance to physicistbut he recognizes that he is one of the people who believes that the most important thing is heart.

Andrea: “I didn’t like it at all”

Already seated at the table, the shyness of both ended up being decisiveWith several awkward silences during dinner. In fact, silence gradually took over the evening. Marc tried to bring up all kinds of topics of conversation, but his words did not convince Andrea, who was disconnecting for the moment. disinterest that the bachelor produced. Physically he was not convinced and that ended up weighing. The single woman didn’t think her date had the skills to be a model: “He surprised me, he’s tall, but I haven’t seen him enough to be a model.“he acknowledged.

Silence takes over the date of two singles in 'First Dates':

And they talked about many topics; children, professions, animals and sexual experienceswith a Marc who acknowledged having made a trio but not be the typical one that only remains with models: “You will say, being a model and such, he will only go with Barbies, and not“, which surprised Andrea. However, the lack of chemistry became more and more evident, which also ended up signaling the outcome of the date, with an Andrea who He concluded with a resounding “I didn’t like it at all.”“.


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