Willy Toledo surpasses the limits after the Christmas Eve speech of King Felipe VI: “The Bourbons to the…”, the softest

El Christmas message from Felipe VI usually trigger a lot debateespecially in recent years with regard to social moment that is lived. The fact is that the monarch’s speech provokes numerous reactions and one of many has come from the actor Willy Toledo. The artist has gone further and its message through the ‘X’ network has been forceful and harsh.

In fact, it has exceeded the limits. Because Toledo has started his comment on said social network with a phrase from Felipe VI: “Outside the Constitution, there is no freedom or democracy. Next to the constitution (dramatic pause) SPAIN”.

And, then, he expressed what he thinks of the king of Spain with a harsh comment in which there are insults involved, surpassing, yes, a limit. “This ultra-right strapa and thief defends the Constitution like someone who defends his employment contract: it is his means of living in luxury”.

To finish by saying: “The Bourbons to the sharks!”

Gabriel Rufin also showed himself harshly.

Another of those who is delighted to give his opinion on social networks is Gabriel Rufin who did not miss the moment to intervene after King Felipe VI’s Christmas Eve speech. The ERC spokesperson in the Congress of Deputies I used symbols to help people figure out what it was about. The politician called the King useless without saying it. Because, along with a photo of the monarch, he uploaded images of three useless objects to the networks, such as a chair with longer rear legs (tilted forward), half a glasses with its temples and a watering can whose head directs the water, again , towards the interior of the receptacle.


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