Youth in Peace: Requirements and how to collect the subsidy of one million pesos

LVice President Francia Márquez, who is also the head of the Ministry of Equality, was in charge of officially presenting and launching Youth in Peace. This initiative will provide resources and disbursements of up to one million pesos, with a series of conditions, requirements and aspects to check for the beneficiaries.

In Mrquez’s strong speech, he pointed to previous governments and with serious accusations: “In the past, other governments confused security with extermination and invented social cleansing to kill youth through ‘false positives’. This is not the government that murders its youth”. In addition, she said that it was the way in which she and President Gustavo Petro were delivering for the country and the young voters.

Conditions to receive the payment from Jvenes en Paz in 2024

People who aspire to these resources must be between 14 and 28 years old; they must live in rural areas that are affected by the presence of armed groups. and who live in vulnerable conditions. In total there are 100,000 young people who must fulfill some tasks such as established hours of community work and who are in the middle of educational processes and courses.

  • Be between 14 and 28 years old.
  • Have conditions of extreme poverty, poverty or vulnerability in monetary and economic terms.
  • Residing permanently in rural areas.
  • Being a victim or having been at risk of sexual exploitation.
  • Have risks or be linked to dynamics of crime, violence or forced recruitment.
  • Risk for having habitual residence in territories affected by violence or armed conflict.

Furthermore, it has been explained that In the beginning, they acted in Bogotá, Medellín, Buenaventura, Quibá, Guachen and Puerto Tejada.who have a large population in these conditions and hope that the effect of money will help the chosen ones a lot.

Restrictions to be left out of Jvenes en Paz

Also, there is a list of situations and aspects, which should not be presented In order to authorize the participation of a young person in the program:

  • That they are the subject of an arrest warrant or arrest by a judicial authority.
  • Have a sanction or penal measure depriving of liberty in force, unless judicially authorized.
  • Those who are 29 years old or older at the time of registration for the ‘National Youth in Peace Program’.
  • Who already have benefits from national monetary transfers attributed to them individually or receive other economic benefits granted within the framework of the processes implemented by the Agency for Reincorporation and Normalization (ARN).
  • Those who do not have a valid identification document, according to the information provided by the National Registry or the Special Administrative Unit Migration Colombia.

How will the Youth in Peace subsidy be received in Colombia?

Apart from passing the filter of the conditions and not being prevented by the restrictions already stated, During the same program, compliance with tasks and obligations will be measured.. And depending on this, the money will be delivered to those 1,000 young people:

  • Minimum hours and attendance at entrepreneurship, peace pedagogy and financial education courses.
  • Number of specific hours of community work.
  • One million pesos: 100% compliance.
  • 900,000 pesos: Between 90% and less than 100% average monthly compliance.
  • 800,000 pesos: Between 80% and less than 90% in average monthly compliance.
  • 500,000 pesos: Between 70% and less than 80% average monthly compliance.
  • There will be no right to receive money if the average monthly compliance in education and co-responsibility is less than 70%.

According to the data, official documents and Operational Manual of the program, there will be a maximum of 12 transfers for each beneficiary and cannot be in the system due to receiving other monetary benefits from the Agency for Reintegration and Normalization.

And in Francia Márquez’s speech she pointed out several themes of what is sought with these resources, since the opposition has spoken of it as a program that seeks to give money and “pay for not killing”: “To eradicate violence from your home, your neighborhood, from the street, from the places where we have lived in this country. Places of exclusion, marginality, where violence is expressed and has been expressed in a systematic and structured way”.

To motivate the possible chosen ones, who They will be called by the same National Government and the different responsible areas in 2024the Vice President and Minister of Equality and Equity said vehemently:

The youth in this country, the most vulnerable, have not had opportunities. There are young people who have never had a chance. And we can say that Youth in Peace is a great opportunity to accompany Colombian youth in their life project, the one they decide to do and the one they feel like building.


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