Attorney For Past due Chiefs Fan Questions Tale In the back of ‘Unusual’ Deaths

An lawyer representing Clayton McGeeney‘s population is talking out, wondering the tale in the back of the hidden deaths.

McGeeney used to be considered one of 3 males discovered lifeless within the yard of Jordan Wills‘s house nearest a Kansas Town Chiefs attend to birthday party on January 7 — on the other hand, what has many perplexed is that their our bodies weren’t came upon till January 9.

Month the Kansas Town Police Segment has in the past said that the case is “100% not being investigated as a homicide,” Tony Kagay, McGeeeny’s population’s attorney, says there has were given to be extra to the tale Willis is telling.

Jordan Willis Claims He Used to be Asleep For Two Days Month Pals Have been In Yard

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Tony Kagay instructed Fox Information Virtual that his purchasers need to know if there used to be any “intention or malice” from Willis important as much as the deaths. Kagay additionally claims he would “feel nothing but sympathy” if he used to be “blameless” within the deaths of Clayton McGeeney, Ricky Johnson, and David Harrington.

He added that it will be “very hard to explain” how he “[did] not realize what happened to his friends” as they had been “frozen in his backyard for two days.”

Jordan Willis claims he was at mattress nearest within the night time nearest the Chiefs sport, however says he didn’t know if his buddies left the home at that age. He later says he used to be “asleep for two days” and didn’t get up till police got here knocking on his door.

The truth that Willis says he had incorrect clue the our bodies had been in his yard for 48 hours is what’s elevating questions.

“I think that … if Monday morning [Willis] had realized that his friends had expired overnight, and he called 911, I don’t know that this would be a story,” Kagay instructed the opening. “I don’t know if we’d be talking about it today; it would get a few days in the Kansas City market, and then it would fade away.”

Sufferers Households Query Jordan Willis’s Tale

Doctor Says Drugs Likely Played A Part In Chiefs Fans' Tragic Deaths
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“How does [Willis] not realize what has happened to his friends? That’s a big part of what the family wants to know,” Kagay stated, which is without doubt one of the largest questions the sufferers’ households are asking. “We may never have an answer to that, we just might not.”

Kagay did ascertain that initial toxicology effects confirmed medicine had been detected within the males’s techniques, on the other hand, he may now not ascertain precisely which medicine had been discovered.

“It’s very hard to see a scenario where something unusual didn’t happen,” he persisted.

The population attorney additionally expressed his frustrations and sadness in how the Kansas Town Police Segment is dealing with the case, together with that they don’t seem to be investigating the case as a murder.

“I don’t think they were in a position to say that. Clearly, there is an ongoing investigation,” Kagay stated of the Kansas Town PD. “I just don’t know how they made that determination and I don’t know that was helpful to say … when you say there was no sign of foul play, there was no gunshot, no stab wound, but it doesn’t mean that there wasn’t something that occurred was illegal. … I don’t know that was handled in the ideal manner.”

Doctor Says Drugs Likely Played A Part In Chiefs Fans' Tragic Deaths
Fb | David Harrington

“I’m not saying that anybody did anything intentional,” Kagay added. “[But] I don’t think that it would be required for there to be criminal liability.”

Kagay says the households simply need solutions “regardless of who was responsible.”

“The fact is that three young men who were in good health were celebrating with a friend, each other. They ended up dead,” Kagay stated of the hidden case. “One of Nancy’s main concerns is that this not happen to anyone else in the future.”

Month initial toxicology effects shared with the sufferers’ households confirmed medicine of their techniques, the crowd is looking forward to the post-mortem effects to optimistically give extra perception into the hidden case.


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