The Tale At the back of The Perfect Episode Of The Simpsons, A Conan O’Brien Masterpiece

The place did this bizarre thought come from? The speculation of a con guy bilking Springfield out of thousands and thousands of greenbacks turns out like a tremendous thought for a “Simpsons” tale, however why a monorail? “Marge vs. the Monorail” used to be additionally obviously impressed by means of “The Music Man.” Was once Conan O’Brien a fan, or used to be he simply keen on the construction? In line with showrunner Mike Reiss, O’Brien used to be nonetheless one thing of a “new kid” at the display, and all of the episode used to be his thought. Reiss and co-showrunner Al Jean heard O’Brien’s tone (at a different writers’ retreat) however had been involved that display author Matt Groening and govt manufacturer James L. Brooks wouldn’t find it irresistible. They had been fallacious. Brooks cherished it. Certainly, Reiss recollects that O’Brien effectively pitched 3 script concepts throughout the editor’s retreat. 

Tale scribbler Josh Weinstein recalled O’Brien as being vigorous and “up” all of the past. “Working with Conan was like watching a ten-hour episode of his show, every day, in the writers’ room,” he mentioned. “All the other writers are hilarious, but most of them are quiet and thoughtful, whereas Conan’s just out there.” 

As for the “Music Man” factor, that used to be all O’Brien. Manufacturer Jeff Martin, within the Vice oral historical past, famous that O’Brien grew to become within the lyrics and his used to be his process to assemble it musical:

“Every single word of the monorail song was unchanged from Conan’s first draft, which is impressive. My niche on the show in those days was to actually write the tunes to the songs. I wrote a bunch of songs, so I was assigned to set the monorail song to music. It’s sort of like, ‘Bum, bum, bum, bum. I think I’m done!’ It’s barely a song. It’s just sort of a rhythm and ‘Monorail! Monorail! Monorail!'”

Mono– D’oh!


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