Why Freddie Prinze Jr. Is Firmly Towards Kanan Showing In Are living-Motion Megastar Wars

“To me, every time I’m asked to do Kanan it waters down what was a beautiful ending … It’s this amazing powerful moment,” Prinze added. “So for me, that story’s been told, and it’s done, and I wouldn’t have any interest in that. And it would be weird to play a different character in that universe, so I don’t have any ambition to be in the ‘Star Wars’ Universe.”

Sight Kanan go back would certainly dilute his tale — like appearing up in “The Bad Batch” did — since the tale of Kanan used to be by no means supposed to be the similar as that of Luke, Ahsoka, or Ezra. He used to be by no means supposed to finally end up as a formidable Jedi who may just develop into a Power Ghost. Rather, his arc used to be about Kanan changing into a Jedi Knight, embodying the whole lot excellent in regards to the Form. Then a life-time of hiding his Jedi upbringing, Kanan was a hero who sacrificed himself for others. He would possibly not have made the normal Jedi trials, nor lived within the temple. And but, through the fitting of the Council, and through the need of the Power, he was a Jedi.

Simply because Kanan shouldn’t seem in individual, doesn’t ruthless he must be forgotten, on the other hand. One of the vital best possible callbacks in “Ahsoka” used to be listening to mentions of Kanan. Up to “Rebels,” “The Clone Wars,” and “Ahsoka” writer Dave Filoni likes callbacks, he additionally tends to forget about and overlook lifeless characters even if they supposedly had a plethora have an effect on on others. R.I.P. Satine Kryze, long gone however now not forgotten (excluding through everybody within the live-action presentations, it sounds as if). Listening to Kanan being name-dropped in “Ahsoka” as somebody noteceable to the characters speaks to the weighty have an effect on he had on “Star Wars” as an entire. Let’s simply hope that have an effect on isn’t lessened through a live-action look.


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