Ensuring patients’ access to the NHS is the priority

“The SNS has to, in its long journey of 45 years, continually reinvent itself and adjust to this new cycle of demand,†says Adalberto Campos Fernandes, former Minister of Health

“I think that one of the main problems is people’s access to the SNS and understanding how they can navigate within the system,†considers Elsa Mateus, president of EUPATI Portugal

“We cannot have 9 thousand cancer patients waiting to be operated on,†says Eurico Alves, former Secretary of State for Health

“The idea of ​​moving towards an emergency plan is clearly a smart idea,†says João Almeida Lopes, president of APIFARMA

“It is necessary to create incentive systems that allow the production and quality of healthcare to be rewarded,†argues Pedro Simões Coelho, professor at NOVA IMS

“Access time to innovation is a challenge, in Portugal it takes a long time to have this access and I am convinced that we can improve this,†explains Lucie Perrin, general director of AbbVie

“We all have to put a lot of effort into this effort to do more and better,†concludes Rui Ivo, president of Infarmed

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