Executive president of ANA says that Vinci has been a driver of tourism in Portugal and has already paid €168 million in IRC

The executive president (CEO) of ANA, Thierry Ligonnière, defended this Tuesday in the Assembly of the Republic, where he is being heard following a request from the PCP regarding the privatization of the concessionaire , in 2012, who “has always been on the side of the country”. And that he bet on Portugal at a “very risky” time, during the intervention of troika, and with the threat of the country’s exit from the euro looming large. The manager explained to deputies that in the last ten years, and despite years of pandemic, traffic in Portugal grew 4.2% per year, as a result of the “contribution of work” by Vinci.

In defense of the Vinci concessionaire, José LuÃs Arnaut, president of the ANA board of directors, denies that the airport manager has reduced investment since it was privatized, as stated by PCP deputy António Filipe. And he pointed out a number, saying that from this year onwards there will be an investment of more than 200 million euros in the Humberto Delgado Airport, in Lisbon, in an already planned and announced work to improve the operation, with the addition of 11 new sleeves. Arnaut also highlighted an investment of 50 million euros in Porto airport, recently announced,

Ligonnière also said that in the last 10 years ANA paid 168 million euros in IRC to the State and 741 million euros in IRS. Highlighting the relevance of ANA’s contribution to the tourism sector in Portugal, with 95% of tourists arriving by air, the company’s CEO said that traffic had already grown until June 10 of this year 4.5% compared to the same period in 2023.

Pulling from the gallons, Ligonnière also stated that since Vinci joined ANA Lisbon has had the second biggest growth in Europe in terms of connectivity, and that today there are over 44 companies operating in Portugal, transporting more than 34 million passengers per year. year.

The CEO of ANA also clarified that Vinci purchased TAP’s duty-free stores in 2015, and that it did so in a negotiated manner with the company, so that the carrier’s debt to the concessionaire which then amounted to 36 million could be settled. of euros.


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