Ministry of Defense announces two layoffs due to operation “Perfect Storm”

The Ministry of Defense announced this Wednesday two dismissals following the disciplinary proceedings initiated due to the “Perfect Storm” operation, while two proceedings were suspended on the basis of “retirement” of the defendants. In a statement, the ministry led by Nuno Melo said that eight of the defendants in the operation called “Perfect Storm” were employees of the Ministry of Defense, which “justified the establishment of the respective disciplinary processes, which ran in parallel”.

In addition to two disciplinary dismissals, the Ministry of Defense applied suspension in two cases, “based on the retirement of the respective defendants”, and archived two cases. Two other processes “are still running their terms”, he added. The sanctions were applied “in compliance with all evidentiary procedures and due diligence with respect for legal procedures”, stressed the Ministry of Defense.

Operation “Perfect Storm” involved 73 defendants in the judicial sphere due to evidence of committing crimes of active and passive corruption, embezzlement and money laundering, this ministry recalled in the press release. “Ensuring transparency and compliance with the Law in the Ministry of National Defense is an obligation and a priority for the Minister of National Defense”, he also highlighted.


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