Number of students enrolled in secondary exams rises again

The decisive period of the national secondary education exams, determining the national competition for access to higher education, starts at the end of next week (Friday, June 14th) with a total of 156,667 students registered. The number is higher than last year (seven thousand more), and in 2023 it had already increased compared to the previous one.

According to data released by the Ministry of Education, these almost 157 thousand students will take 288 thousand national exams. Year 12 Portuguese marks the beginning of the 1st phase of the exams and is also the test with the most registrations, followed by Biology and Geology, Physics and Chemistry A and Mathematics A.

Students in the 12th year continue to follow the model exceptionally put into practice during the pandemic years, that is, they only take exams that are requested by the educational institutions/courses they want to take candidate, with a weight between 35% and 50% of the average application. Exams do not count towards the completion of any subject.


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