The prophecy on crutches of the gladiator Courtois: “I will reach the final for sure”

Chen August 10, 2023, the cruciate ligament of Courtois jumped into the air, the goalkeeper immediately reached for the calendar. He knew that the time out would be long and he did not know how hard the return process would be, the pain he would have to go through to regain mobility after surgery, but he set a goal: the Champions League final. Looking for an incentive in a season that smelled like a blank year, Courtois said it as soon as he crossed the door of his house to the people who were waiting for him in stony silence, in a wake-like atmosphere. “I’m reaching the final for sure.”

The words of Courtois They were, citing sources present in his house, the words of a madman, but no one dared to contradict him. “If that motivates you to come back, go ahead…” The reality is that with such a serious injury and in a season in which he had left Benzema and in which the team was left without the best goalkeeper in the world, thinking about the final of the Champions It was nothing short of unthinkable. But CourtoisAs it has been proven, he knew what he was talking about.

Those who have been close to him all this year say that Courtois was in gladiator mode from minute one, without a single complaint, without a single regret. He worked, worked and worked to return as soon as possible. Two months later he surprised by uploading a video to his networks doing stops on a mat. The club had to call for calm, trying not to accelerate events and not put more pressure on the goalkeeper in his idea of ​​returning as soon as possible. But he was clear: “I’m going to come back.”

Courtois: “Some thought I would come back worse, but I have proven otherwise”

In March it was ready

After six months, Courtois He was already doing exercises with his teammates on the grass, watching for his return. The quarter-final draw against City motivated him even more. He knew that if there were no setbacks, he would play against the Guardiola. Objective more than accomplished. It’s not that he could reach a hypothetical final, but that he was playing from the quarterfinals.

But life had one more challenge in store for him. In an unimportant work session, on Father’s Day, with the internationals concentrated with their national teams, Courtois’s knee, this time the other one, cracked. This time it was the meniscus. The crunch that afternoon was even greater than the day of the first injury, which led to fears of the worst. It wasn’t the crusader, but it wasn’t just a scare either. Courtois had to undergo surgery again and this time it seemed that he would be left without an end. But Chick He repeated the ritual again: “I’m reaching the final.” This time the deadlines were tighter: eight weeks. Two months to recover from the operation, return to training, get fit, play some games and go to Wembley. And the MadridDespite all this, he still had to go through two qualifying rounds.

Courtois’ tears, the message in Praise Kroos’ ear… and Rüdiger’s dances!

a disney movie

Witnesses of everything Courtois has suffered until lifting the Champions League at Wembley have been the people in charge of recording his documentary. The series about Courtois, produced by Wakai Media for Prime Video, was not intended to record the goalkeeper’s return process after injury. The agreement to record the goalkeeper had been signed much earlier and in fact work had already begun on the fateful morning of August 10, which is why the fateful scream after breaking his cruciate was recorded.

Then, it has been the will and strength of Courtois which they have turned this docuseries into a Disney movie with a relapse and the most beautiful ending possible, with the goalkeeper fulfilling his dream and lifting the Champions League at Wembley after a prodigious final. The return of number 1.


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