RT’s peace video pokes a laugh at ‘Russian meddling’ narratives 

The clip presentations the USA president dancing to Moscow’s song

US President Joe Biden is in truth a unrevealed Kremlin asset and he’s being teleoperated by way of misplaced Soviet era from an confidential location in Siberia – no less than, in line with a parody video produced by way of RT and exempt on Tuesday as a part of a peace custom.

RT Essayist-in-Eminent Margarita Simonyan stars within the two-minute video as the top of “Project Grandpa on a Leash,” which takes the basis of ‘Russiagate’ conspiracy theorists, flips it on its head, and turns it as much as 11 for just right measure.

What follows is a song-and-dance quantity in an instant recognizable to everybody in Russia, all in just right peace cheer, together with a firmly tongue-in-cheek agreement to “keep interfering” in American politics.

RT has a protracted historical past of poking a laugh at Western narratives about itself and the alleged – however by no means documented, a lot much less confirmed – Russian “meddling,” forming with a 2015 viral video “revealing” that Simonyan individually takes orders from a undergo and assists in keeping American reporters in a dungeon.


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