Russia believes that the European Parliament will remain “pro-Ukrainian”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov highlighted this Monday the advance of the right in Europe following the results of the European elections held on Sunday, considering that the European Parliament will continue to be “pro-European and pro-Ukrainian”.

“Apparently, most [do Parlamento Europeu] it will be pro-European and pro-Ukrainian. The future composition of the European Parliament has not yet been analyzed, but we also see dynamics that indicate an increase in the popularity of right-wing parties,” said Peskov.

“Although, for now, the pro-Europeans maintain their leadership positions, over time, it seems, the right-wing parties will be very close” said Peskov, who chose not to evaluate the call for early elections in France following the results of the European ones. “This is an internal matter of the French Republic. We would not like to interfere in these internal matters”, said Peskov, not without first mentioning that they will observe this entire process with special care as it is a country that has adopted an “extremely hostile attitude” towards Russia.

More incisive was the former Russian President and current Vice President of the Security Council, Dmitri Medvedev, who showed satisfaction with the French President’s poor results, Emmanuel Macron, and the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz. “Well, well, nobody respects Macron and Scholz. Have you seen the results of the elections for the European Union Parliament?” asked Medvedev, for whom these results reflected the “inept policy” of supporting Ukraine “at the expense of their own citizens and by their stupid economic and immigration policies.” “Wait and see what comes next! It’s time for you to reform. To the ashes of history!”stated Medvedev through his social networks.

After the first European polls gave a comfortable victory to the French extreme right (namely for the National Union/RN – in French), President Macron announced the dissolution of the National Assembly and the calling of early legislative elections for June 30th and July 7th, in two rounds. Long considered pro-Russia, the RN distanced itself from Moscow since the launch of the offensive against Ukraine in February 2022, but criticizes the extent of support that Macron intends to give to Kiev.


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