Le Normand, Atlético’s first… but not at any price

“Le Normand will be the first”slide from the Atlético seeing a near future in which the center of the Real society I could end up wearing the red and white. MARCA exclusively announced on March 4 that the Spanish international was one of the big objectives for next season. Said and done as demonstrated by the negotiations already undertaken between both clubs.

But there is still a long way to go, They insist on Atlético. It is clear from the offices that it is the most advanced and clear name of those who are being linked to the red and whites in a month of May intense in movements… but much more so in agents interested in linking their players to increase their price. Or, as in the case of Laporte, offers in search of balances from their current clubs.

The first on the list

Be that as it may, the Metropolitan recognizes that it is the signing that is destined, if it comes to fruition, to be the first in a summer in which at least two center backs, a midfielder and a forward will arrive. That, at least taking into account the number of players with the doors open and who would be replaced if they finally left. Out there, in the casting of dozens of names, Robin is the first today..

Willingness of the player to go to Atlético

And it is the first for several factors, among them that the option of continue playing in LaLiga, in a club that is always in the Champions League and where it is obvious that the competitive leap fits with the international’s ideals after a triumphant journey with Real Sociedad that has led him to play and be a starter with The Red facing the next Euro Cup. An intention, that of joining the rojiblancos, which is key to thinking about a happy ending to the agreement.

Goal by Le Normand (0-1) in RB Leipzig 2-2 Real Sociedad

Conversations for a long time

In any case, talks have already started between both clubs. That is to say, Olave -realistic sports director- has received the call from Berta (not the last week, yes beforehand) to find out the red and white’s willingness to reach an agreement. In addition to the sports directors, there is a great relationship between Miguel Ángel Gil and Jokin Aperribay, top leaders of both entities, which could make the agreement more feasible.

An offer… far from 50 million

Atlético’s offer, yes, It is far from the 50 million of the player’s termination clause. A figure that the Madrid team is not going to reach or even come close to. About the 30 kilos Yes, there could be an attempt to get a sought-after footballer with a large market, something they have known in the Metropolitan since they have been following the center back, which has been for several seasons now.

They will not enter auctions

They will not, in any case, enter into tug-of-war. There will be no soap opera from Atlético, whose idea is to make a formal offer and not move from there although Real, as is logical, will ask as much as possible for one of its pillars in its last triumphant years. There will be no auction for Le Normand.

Le Normand: “I wanted to be a footballer and I give everything to achieve it”

Javi Galán option to lower price

There is the option of lowering the price with players who are part of Atlético. One, logically, is Javi Galan on loan since January. A scenario that could fit and even the appearance of another red and white that could fit the needs of the realists. The operation could also be carried out without the former Celta player or any other player entering.

The threat of the Premier

All this without counting the possible appearance of a Premier team that gets between Atlético and Real Sociedad. Le Normand is a sought-after footballer and the Euro Cup is a perfect showcase for the powerful English pounds to go where Atlético is not willing due to its financial muscle which, in other cases, has already served to get ahead when it comes to signing players to clubs. The league.

If Real asks too much they will go for others

And the Madrid team insists that despite the interest in Le Normand they will not do crazy things for the player. They will not pay 50 kilos and if Real castles at that amount they will go for another center back on the list they have been managing for months. That is to say, Le Normand is the first… but not at any price.


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