“They no longer program festivals for people aged 35. We have to get used to it”: Primavera Sound Porto goes from desires to laments

As soon as the poster for the Primavera Sound Barcelona edition was announced, towards the end of the previous year, reactions from music lovers immediately followed on social media. They look not only at the big names present there, which are invariably the ones that most people drag, but above all at the small letters: those bands that make up Primavera Sound, the most alternative, most refounded, that do not hold legions of fans but who were, at one point, extremely important in someone’s life. 2024 in Barcelona had the Duster, exponents of slowcore that TikTok “resurrected”, or Bikini Kill, the band that shaped the movement riot grrrl, in the 90s. They look at it as they wish: being sister festivals, the Barcelona lineup will inevitably be present in Porto, albeit smaller. The game involves trying to hit the artists who will also step on Invicta. We visited the Invicta festival, which started this Thursday, to check out our music-loving instincts.

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Francesco Giganti

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