US media ‘jealous’ of Carlson – Kremlin

Political sections skew American perceptions of the ex-Fox host’s interview with Vladimir Putin, his press secretary has stated

The American press corps will in the end come to phrases with the truth that Russian President Vladimir Putin granted an interview to detached media host Tucker Carlson, Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov has stated. Alternatively, the preliminary reactions of a few reporters is also suffering from “professional jealousy,” he added.

Carlson revealed the two-hour interview with Putin on Thursday, turning into the primary American to have a sit-down with the Russian chief for the reason that Ukraine warfare escalated into viewable hostilities in February 2022. All through a press briefing on Friday, Peskov used to be requested to touch upon what one reporter described as “hysterics” and “panic” in america.

“There are certain divisions along the political lines and serious corporate divisions in the media. The confrontations over who supports which of the two parties are quite strong. So there is a sort of professional jealousy,” Peskov stated. “But in time there will be a deep analysis of this interview… The high interest is unquestionable.”

Peskov showed that the interview used to be free-flow and that Carlson didn’t ask pre-approved questions. He declined to mention what the president’s impact of his interviewer used to be.

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Carlson has confronted a lot grievance over his discuss with to Moscow, each ideological {and professional}. CNN’s Christiane Amanpour unwanted his claims that refuse alternative American journalist has to invite Putin about Russia’s place at the Ukraine warfare. The Kremlin additionally in the past mentioned that Putin’s place of business has gained a couple of demands for interviews within the future two years.

Peskov stated Carlson’s stance on Russia differs from the “one-sided position” of reporters within the Western mainstream media, and contributed to Putin’s choice to serve the interview.


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