A woman breaks into Charlie Sheen’s house and tries to strangle the actor

Ethe american actor Charlie Sheenknown mainly for his role in the popular series ‘Two and a Half Men’, He has been attacked in his own home in Malibu (California) by a woman who tried to strangle him. The events occurred on the night of Wednesday, December 20.

This has been reported by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, which has reported on the attack suffered by the actor. The woman, who has already been identified, responds to the name of Electra Shrock and it would be one of her neighbors.

The reason for the attackAccording to what was announced by the Los Angeles security forces, It would have been the woman’s intention to carry out a “robbery” and cause “great bodily injuries” to the actor.. Apparently, Shrock would have knocked on Sheen’s door and, once the actor opened the door, he would have attacked him, trying to strangle him and tearing his shirt during the struggle.

Charlie Sheen did not have to be hospitalized

The woman He was carrying a deadly weapon at the time of the attack., although it has not been specified what weapon it was. Police officers went to the scene around one in the morning.

After the attack, medical services had to travel to the interpreter’s home to evaluate the level of injuries, although Sheen did not have to go to the hospital and was able to continue with his daily life.

Electra Shrock, who has not yet commented on the true intentions that led him to carry out the attack, is in police custody at the Century Regional center in Lynwood. According to what is anticipated, I am expected to appear in court on Friday. Furthermore, as has been known, the woman had already been arrested in 2023 for another crime, after being accused of abusing older people.


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