Alexia Putellas high-level meeting

In addition to the celebration of Club World Cup won by Manchester Cityand, in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), FIFA has organized a series of meetings and conferences to treat the future of football In different aspects. The growth of Women’s Football It is one of the issues discussed and for this Gianni Infantino decided to meet with the captain of the winning team of the last world cup. Alexia Putellas spoke in a manner cordial with the top official of the FIFA.

FIFA sought this runion with Alexia for months, but due to scheduling problems it was difficult to find the right dates. The start of the Christmas break, after the last day of the Champions League, allowed the match to be finalized.

The central focus of the meeting was possibility of creating a club World Cup, as already exists in men’s football. A project that FIFA has been working on for years in addition to the Women’s Futsal World Cup. FIFA I wanted to know first-hand the opinion of the players and Alexia is one of the authorized voices.

Relaxed meeting

The meeting was relaxed and with good tone in between Putellas and Infantino and other members of FIFA The relationship between lcaptain of Barça and the highest representative of football planetarium is very cordial and mutual respect. In addition to the World Cup, other topics related to the evolution of women’s football and plan to continue working together with the opinion of the players. Both They agreed with what was said on other topics related to development of women’s football and how the players can contribute to it.

Alexia Putellas, 29, has won two Ballon d’Ors, one World Cup and two Champions Leagues among many other titles and is one of the fmost recognized soccer players on the planetyour voice is heard and FIFA has understood it this way with this quote designed a long time ago.


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