Anabel Pantoja announces that she is pregnant with her first child, who is the father?

Lto new life of Anabel Pantoja Far from the television sets and, especially, from ‘Sálvame’ and the continuous controversies that surrounded him, he is going from strength to strength. If she was already radiant next to her new boyfriend, David Rodríguez, now Isabel Pantoja’s niece has announced that she is four months pregnant and she will be a mother soon, which has unleashed a wave of reactions on the networks.

In an interview with Lecturas magazine, Anabel Pantoja has confirmed that she is expecting her first child after having gone through several difficult times. In fact, she admits that last October, without going any further, she already suffered an abortion when I was just a few weeks old and now, luckily, everything seemed to be going well and according to plan.

Anabel Pantoja’s family, aware of her pregnancy

The former television collaborator also tells the aforementioned medium that her first months of pregnancy were based on the presence of just a few symptomsso it is going through a phase in which the usual inconveniences, such as nausea, have barely been felt.

Just a few days ago, during her aunt’s concert, she already appeared in baggy clothes, although few suspected that it was due to pregnancy, since until now he had left no clues about it. In her statements, Anabel Pantoja makes it clear that her family already knows about the baby’s arrival.

Let us remember that it was after his time in ‘Survivors’ when, once his love affair with Yulen Pereira in Hondurasconfirmed that she had felt the call of motherhood and that, upon her return to Spain, they would get to work to have their first child together.

However, a few months later their separation was announced and now Anabel Pantoja is enjoying her new life next to David Rodríguezwith whom he has decided to start a family and will soon welcome their first child together.


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