Chloe, victim of a fake Keanu Reeves who defrauded her of 700,000 euros: “It was not a love scam”

EOn social networks you can find many things and some stories are incredible, but, in most cases, what happens is a headache for justice and for the victims of scams themselves. Chloe is one of those affected by a man who posed as Keanu Reeves and, in his appearance on ‘And now Sonsoles’, he explained the details of what happened.

According to the victim’s statement on the Antena 3 program, she I had always been a fan of the actor and, one day, his life took an unexpected turn. He received an audio from, supposedly, Keanu Reeves himself, who also He commented on every photo of Chloe on social media. and even chat daily.

The fake Keanu Reeves made all kinds of financial requests

“I just wanted to let you know that I love you, I look forward to seeing your beautiful smile and being with you soon,” was one of the many phrases that the fake Keanu Reeves sent him. However, it was a cover for his real target: Chloe’s money. Without the victim being aware of the scam, He started asking for money for trips, computers and even lawyers.. He even asked for 650,000 euros for a private jet.

The victim, as reported on Antena 3, made 16 transfers of up to 90,000 euros and He went into debt to help Keanu Reeves, Or so I thought. Her financial problems led her to ask for loans from both her mother and her bank, until her suspicions invaded her and she decided to cut it off and report it.

“It was not a love scam, but an economic scam”, he said in ‘And now Sonsoles’. Although he does not trust that he will recover all the money sent, he does believe that he can get back what he invested, since he assured that has all the databoth from the account of the alleged Keanu Reeves and the place where it is located.


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