“El Cholo would surely get more things out of Julián Álvarez than he already has”

I trained in the seventh category and Gabriel Rodríguez, who was the coordinator, brought it to me to try. We saw him and after that training session we signed him. He was a boy who kicked very well with both legs, was technically very good and a scorer. In the first practice he showed the quality he had. “This is how he remembers Juanjo Borrelli How was your crush on a man? Julian Alvarez who was barely 15 years old. The one who was a footballer River Plate, Panathinaikos, National it is included Oviedowould not only give the ‘resounding yes’ for the entry of that young man into the quarry, but would accompany his growth until his debut with the Millionaire in 2018. Today he has no doubt that the Atlético de Madrid It would be the best step to climb to continue a career in which you can’t see a ceiling.

“The truth is that it does not surprise me that at 24 years old it is already World Champion and has reached a great one like him City, but I think he is still capable of more things because he is a young player and, first and foremost, a very good person, both he and his family, with great humility that allows all these beautiful things to happen to him. Although he is already an outstanding player, he still has a lot to give,” he says.

He still has a lot to give, he can fit very well in Spanish football because he is outstanding and with El Cholo he would have continuity

JUANJO BORRELLI, mentor of Julián Álvarez at River Plate

In this sense, Borrelli does not doubt what the best habitat so that the forward offers his entire repertoire. “Having Cholo As a coach, who is obsessive and an impressive technician, I think he would get more things out of him than Julián has. I see that he is a player who can fit in very well with Spanish football because he is outstanding,” he confesses.

In fact, although he has not had any problem scoring in the Premierhe mentor by Julián Álvarez advocates for a Changes of winds. “At City he also fits in, but if he goes with El Cholo he will have more continuity and many more games, which would give him more confidence. Although he is a boy who never gives up, bayonet, he is always in a good mood and always ready, he never had a complaint or a bad face when he was a substitute. He deserves the best and I think it would be a good opportunity if he goes to Atlético,” he explains.

A forward made to measure for Simeone

Precisely, the lack of prominence and living in the shadow of Haaland in Manchester These are factors that push Argentina’s starting forward to a change of scenery. “They are different types of player. For me he is a number 9 and a midfielder who can play perfectly with a number 9 in front because he moves throughout the attacking front. Without taking away from Haaland, who is impressive, for me Julián is much more complete “If he doesn’t score goals, he can give you the pass. Or he can create play. Or recover, because he is the first one on the field who works, what he runs and what he steals is amazing,” he says.

He is a number 9 and a playmaker: if he doesn’t score goals, he gives the pass or creates play and is the first to work, what he runs and recovers is impressive

A waste that comes from the times when Borrelli already guessed that he was facing a future world star, which has helped him patent a type of goal that would dazzle a Simeone in love with players who do not spare a single effort. “When he arrived we had a good category, with quality players like Roller liftsnow in the Benfica; Hernán López Muñoz, who plays in the United States…, but Julián dazzled. He was the first to defend and scored a lot of goals. Many of them like the one he did in the World Cup against Australia, putting pressure on the goalkeeper and stealing the ball. In addition to goals and quality, he works a lot,” he emphasizes.

I love it and it fascinates me. He is a player that makes you want to see him and grab the ball to see what he will generate. I think he can contribute a lot both offensively and defensively when the team has to recover. And he has enormous humility,” he adds while visualizing what his jump to Atlético would be like. “I hope he goes because I think it will contribute a lot and they will be able to enjoy Julián’s football,” he promises to settle his dialogue with MARCA.


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