Choose the best cover of the year 2023

Ewe are about to leave behind the year 2023 and it is the perfect time to look back and see all the sporting events that have taken place in these 365 days. Without a doubt it has been an intense year, with iconic moments of sport that have been immortalized on the covers of newspapers. The heroic history of the women’s soccer team conquering the World Cup, the victories of our Carlos Alcaraz, the determined fight against racism, Jon Rahm’s Masters, the emotion that Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz have made us experience… We also experience We remember those who have left us like the great champion Bahamontes or the brilliant Francisco Ibez.

It is very difficult for us to select a single moment. That’s why We ask for your collaboration to help us choose the best cover of the year. Of all the possible ones we have selected the first 35. Here you can see them all and vote for the one you liked the most. You can only choose one cover. You can enlarge the image and view them as a photo gallery or, if you prefer, you can see them all at once in mosaic mode. When you decide on your favorite cover, click on the heart and validate the vote. On December 31 we will find out the best cover for MARCA readers.


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