Cristina Pedroche explains why she doesn’t drink sparkling water: “I think the bubble is going to pass to my daughter through her boob”

Cristina Pedroche visited this Wednesday ‘The Anthill’ as a writer, since she has attended the program she presents Pablo Motos on the occasion of the launch of his first book, titled ‘Thanks to fear’which went on sale this Wednesday and in which the television presenter and collaborator gives her testimony about how to stand up to fear.

After receiving and greeting the guest, Pablo Motos began the interview wanting to know the reason why Cristina Pedroche wrote ‘Thanks to fear’. “The main reason was to try to understand myself, to try to express my feelings to see if I could put some order in my head. I went to the gynecologist two weeks after giving birth to be discharged. She sat next to me and asked me how I felt. And suddenly, she looked at me, and I felt like she was really asking me. Then, I broke down and started crying. I said, ‘I don’t know. I am very happy, I love my daughter, I love everything that is happening to me, but I cry a lot and I don’t understand why. I see other mothers who are super happy, that everything is going well for them, that they are not afraid, but I don’t want to leave my house.’ So he told me: ‘Write, write as therapy, even if you don’t understand yourself, write, maybe you can understand something.’ No, I didn’t tell anyone, not my parents, not Dabiz, not anyone, and I was writing when the girl fell asleep“, explained the woman from Vallecas.

Months passed and I realized that I had a lot of notes on my phone. and there were texts that I thought I could put on Instagram, but I was afraid, because on Instagram, and everywhere, they give me shit and this was very intimate and I didn’t want to share it, but I knew there were people who could benefit from knowing what I was feeling and how I was coping. And suddenly the call of chance came, they proposed to me to write the book and I told them that I already had it written. I showed them the notes and they told me that I actually had it written down, that I had to look at it, but that I had it written down,” Cristina Pedroche continued. “It is written so that it can be read very quickly, so that it is very light in case there is suddenly a new mother who wants to read it.“added the model.

Pablo Motos has been curious to know if Cristina Pedroche’s fears have changed after motherhood. “I have always been very afraid, but I am also brave because I take all the tools and study, I inform myself, I ask and I ask again to try to do things in the best possible way. I believe that any trained and informed person knows how to make correct decisions or, at least, the decisions that suit them. So, I still have many fears“, admitted the presenter of the end of the year chimes in Antenna 3.

After a commercial break, the host of ‘El Hormiguero’ recalled that in ‘Thanks to fear’, the collaborator of ‘Zapeando’ talks about fear and how she has faced it. “It is my story, it is not a book nor is it intended to be a self-help book, nor to give lessons to anyone, or anything. It is a book in which I tell my story and I say what I do that suits me and works for me. If someone reads it and there is something they like and tries to put it into practice, great.“, Cristina Pedroche has made clear.

The presenter of the entertainment space Atresmedia which is broadcast from Monday to Thursday on Antenna 3 He questioned the guest about the drinks she stopped drinking after becoming a mother. “I don’t drink coffee or alcohol because I’m still breastfeeding. I only drink water. I don’t even drink sparkling water. I know it’s absurd, but I think the bubble is going to pass through the boob and I know that’s not the case, but I don’t drink carbonated water,” said Cristina Pedroche, who, on the other hand, does ‘drink’ natural dopamine. “Yes, all the time, through the sun. I go out early in the morning with the girl in the carrier and we go to catch the first rays of sun and then we catch the last rays of sun in the afternoon-evening“said the woman from Vallecas, to whom Pablo Motos commented that there are those who absorb dopamine through the anus.”I haven’t reached that point. Yes, it is true that I have done naked yoga on the terrace of my house at some point and it gave me fresh air and the sun.“, he has made clear.

The producer of ‘El Hormiguero’ has asked Cristina Pedroche if it is true that he has cast pediatricians. “And I keep doing it, I still don’t have a regular pediatrician. I have already been to five pediatricians. I come with many questions, I am the ‘why lady’. I want them to explain to me why I have to do the things they tell me to do and if they convince me, I do it. I don’t want to say that pediatricians are not good professionals, but that the problem is the system, that the system creates doctors who work all day and it is impossible for them to have time to continue training. I am not a politician and I don’t know what the solutions are, but I know that there are things that can be done better,” highlighted the partner of chef Dabiz Muñoz.

Cristina Pedroche gets emotional talking about her daughter

Pablo Motos wanted to know if the fact that Cristina Pedroche is famous has generated more insecurities in her after becoming a mother. “Many more fears. From the moment the news leaked, I broke down and tried to take refuge in my house all the time. The problem was that the news was leaked in December and in December I cannot take refuge in my house, I have to go out. It hurts me to see that cover, because it was very dirty and very ugly that someone forced me to say it when I was so afraid that it would not turn out well because I was not pregnant for the weeks that are supposed to be safe to be able to tell it with more confidence. So, It seemed very ugly to me, very mean, and I felt very bad. I just wanted to be locked up in my house“, recalled the 35-year-old presenter.

Pablo Motos – El HormigueroATRESMEDIA

Cristina Pedroche has never published a photo of her daughter on her social networks. “When I’m older, let me decide, but I don’t know who sees my social networks and, almost every week, I receive very ugly photos. So, I think: ‘Am I going to give them my daughter’s photo? No’. And if I go with my daughter, I don’t want them to take photos of me, because I don’t enter that circle of giving exclusives or things like that. I’m famous, so is my husband, but we don’t make a living giving exclusives. I don’t like it and I would like them to respect it. Say what you want about me, about my husband too, because we are adults and we know how to handle it, but not my daughter, please“, stressed the Vallecano, visibly moved, without being able to hold back her tears. Finally, she confirmed that she has made her daughter a member of Rayo Vallecano: “I want to give him the same education that they gave me, that it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, that the important thing is to know that you have made an effort. And that for me is Lightning, Lightning is bravery, nobility and courage“.

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